Teenage Dirtbag..

*Flash Back ~ 2 years ago*
“So how about it?”
“I don’t know, you got the stuff?”
“Then there’s no harm to be done”

Thinking back on the conversation we had before he seduced me.
He warned me, his best friend warned me about him, that he was dangerous, and a dirtbag. But just like a dumbass I didn’t listen…
And I regretted doing it, but even more not telling him about Kolton and Kenton. I knew that was a mistake. I knew he would find out later on even if he was traveling the world singing with his best mates. And I was the foolish one to name the kids the names he always wanted to name his kids, and worse they have his last name.
Kolton Lynn Styles
Kenton Martha Styles.
I Knew He Would Come Back.
I Knew He Would Find Out.
I Knew He Was Trouble.


5. Chapter 4

“Kassie, will you take them home please? I’ll meet you there in a few.” I asked Kassie.

She nodded in agreement, and then she whispered something to Harry.

After Kassie and the kids left and l looked at her. She had sadness in her eyes.



*Kassie’s Pov*

“Make sure she doesn’t go to jail” I whispered to Harry before I left with the kids.

I knew everything that he did to her. Annabelle practically raised Luke in their orphaning. She had so much hate towards him.


*Harry’s Pov*

By now I pretty much knew what was going on with the whole ‘Kenton Styles’ thing. But right now I was a little more concerned about Ashley showing up after 15 years of abandoning her child and Annabelle. I knew all about it Belle explained it back when we were ‘Together’. But I had no clue how this would end. She was just standing there very quietly. “Why don’t you go back to yours? Ill text you. I need to sort this out.” I whispered to Makayla.


*Annabelle’s Pov*

“What are you doing here?” I asked in disgust she showed her face to me.

“I came to find you and Luke”

I was beyond pissed now.

“Well how about that?” I said sarcastically.

“Caring after 15 years of abandonment” I finished.

“You don’t get it. I did it for you. To protect you guys”

“Well, you did a bang up job. You left us alone for 2 weeks in our rundown apartment! What was a 3 year old suppose to think when she’s left to fend for herself and her 2 year old nephew?! You left us so what do you want now? Forgiveness? Well you’re not getting it from me. And you’ll never find Luke. So get out of my life. For good this time.” I finished off.

I glanced at Harry. If I hadn’t said that he probably would have said it himself.

“I think you should leave now” Harry said stepping in front of me.

She stood there thinking.

“I’ll leave... But I will be back” she said.

And with that she was gone.


“Are you okay?” Harry asked.

“I’m fine” I said avoiding eye contact.

“Annabelle, we should talk”

I tried to play cool.

“About what, Harry?”

“Really...? Kenton Styles?”

I couldn’t help but let the tears fall.

“Harry, I can’t” I said running out to my car.

I couldn’t talk to Harry. If there’s one thing I know about Harry its that he never changes. I couldn’t let him near Kolton and Kenton.

I ran out to my car. I quickly pulled out the keys starting the engine to drive away before Harry could follow me.

But I was too late.

He was already following me.

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