Teenage Dirtbag..

*Flash Back ~ 2 years ago*
“So how about it?”
“I don’t know, you got the stuff?”
“Then there’s no harm to be done”

Thinking back on the conversation we had before he seduced me.
He warned me, his best friend warned me about him, that he was dangerous, and a dirtbag. But just like a dumbass I didn’t listen…
And I regretted doing it, but even more not telling him about Kolton and Kenton. I knew that was a mistake. I knew he would find out later on even if he was traveling the world singing with his best mates. And I was the foolish one to name the kids the names he always wanted to name his kids, and worse they have his last name.
Kolton Lynn Styles
Kenton Martha Styles.
I Knew He Would Come Back.
I Knew He Would Find Out.
I Knew He Was Trouble.


4. Chapter 3

When Kassie realized that they said her full name, she looked at me. Her eyes filled with worry. That’s when I told her the plan.


*The Last Scene*


The last scene was coming up.


“Let’s Go” I whispered to Kassie.


She nodded, and grabbed her things and followed me backstage.


We barely made it backstage, Harry and some girl trying to catch us. The last scene was just the whole play cast standing there for pictures to be taken.


We went backstage early enough to get the kids after their picture, and be on our way.


When the picture was over, we called out for them.


“Kolton, Kenton!” I called.


“Aleeah!” Kassie called.


Harry was nowhere to be found, neither were Kolton and Kenton.


“Mrs. Kay have you seen the kids?” I asked her.


“They were talking to Ashley” she told me.


“Ashley? As in my sister?” I asked.


“I think so” she said.


I was shaking now.




 My sister Ashley abandoned me when I was 4. She was my legal guardian, when my parents were alcoholics. But when I was taken away, my grandmother helped them recover. I was taken when I was 3 and a half. And when my sister meet this guy, he abused her. He ordered her to abandon me and their 1 year old son, Luke.


I had only ever told Kassie, Harry about this.




I found Kassie. She was talking to Ashley. She had the kids behind her, and Harry was standing just feet beside Kassie. I was pissed now.


I was standing there, frozen and in shock. The urge to go over there and punch her square in the face went through my body. I clenched my fist by my sides.


I held in the urge and walked towards them.

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