Teenage Dirtbag..

*Flash Back ~ 2 years ago*
“So how about it?”
“I don’t know, you got the stuff?”
“Then there’s no harm to be done”

Thinking back on the conversation we had before he seduced me.
He warned me, his best friend warned me about him, that he was dangerous, and a dirtbag. But just like a dumbass I didn’t listen…
And I regretted doing it, but even more not telling him about Kolton and Kenton. I knew that was a mistake. I knew he would find out later on even if he was traveling the world singing with his best mates. And I was the foolish one to name the kids the names he always wanted to name his kids, and worse they have his last name.
Kolton Lynn Styles
Kenton Martha Styles.
I Knew He Would Come Back.
I Knew He Would Find Out.
I Knew He Was Trouble.


20. Chapter 19

*Confronting Them*


Zayn and I decided to just confront them. So Zayn asked Perrie to meet him at the café. And I asked Harry to meet me here too.


Zayn and I were waiting for them to arrive. It was silent, we were both very pissed off.


Perrie arrived first, she saw Zayn first and looked happy for a second. Then she saw me.


“Hey Pez” I said.


“Hey” She said sitting down.


Zayn didn’t say anything to her. It was silent for quite some time. Then Harry arrived. He walked over noticing Zayn and Perrie but ignored them, and looked at me as he walked over.


“Hey Hazz” Zayn said.


“Hey” he said back.


“Why are you guys here?” Harry asked me referring to Zayn and Perrie.


“Because Zayn and I have to talk to you guys.” I say bluntly enough to get their attention.


They both looked confused.


“I’ll start.” Zayn said.


“Ok, so first I’d like to say that I’ve always loved you, Perrie.” He started.


“I’d also like to say that we know your secret…”


They looked at each other.  They looked confused, and it was pissing me off.


“I saw you guys in my bedroom.” I said angry.


“That was NOT what it looked like, I swear.” Harry claimed.


Perrie was silent. After hearing that from Harry and seeing what really happened in MY bedroom, I was beyond pissed off. But I was sad too. I couldn’t handle it, I had to get out of here. Before I could Perrie reached across the table and held my hand.


“I’m sorry, I love you” she mouthed.


She couldn’t really talk over Harry’s yelling.


I returned her a smile and got my things to leave. I left speed walking out as tear fell down my cheeks. I continued to walk. I don’t know where, just away. But something caught my arm. I tugged, but couldn’t get lose. I refused to look, I knew who it was.




He spun me around. The tears streaming down my face. He cupped my face and smashed his lips into mine. Caught up in the moment I melted into him. Like a fool, I kissed him back. It felt like it did in high school. Like nothing was between us, nothing was around us. There was nothing but us.


Not again…


When we released, he looked me in the eyes.


“There is no one in the world I want more to be with, than you.” He spoke.


“I’m supposed to believe that for what… a third time?”


“Please…” he pleaded.


“Harry, I love you. But I can’t forgive you every time you do this…”


“I know, and I’m a dumbass for hurting you… Because you’re the only one who has ever cared.”


“How can I know you mean it this time?” I say wiping tears.


“Believe me, I’ve lost you too many times. And I won’t let it happen again. I promise.”


For a moment I thought I was going to fall for it.






I looked up and saw the fear in his eyes that were behind his tears.


“Don’t cry…” he said, noticing my tears as well.


I didn’t answer. He put his hand on my face and gently wiped away tears. I looked at him. He was still crying. I began crying a little harder. He noticed. He pulled me in for a hug, I wrapped my arms around his waist and cried into his chest. It felt amazing to be wrapped in his arms, his familiar sent filled me. I didn’t realize till now that I was vulnerable and needed him more than ever.


As I finished crying I looked up at him, I didn’t say anything. He was crying too. I didn’t speak I didn’t know what to say. I think he knew that, he took my hand and lead me to his car.




“Tell me why?” I said.


He sighed.


“We were both vulnerable and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”


“But its never going to happen again. Because I lost my true love and my bestfriend, with one stupid mistake.” He said.


 “Can you forgive me?” he said breaking the silence.


I was resting my head on his shoulder and he was holding my hand. I looked up at him and nodded. He smiled and I smiled back.


“I’m glad you’re mine again.” He said.


“I’m glad I’m yours.”




We got home a while ago and we were lying in bed. We just put the kids down and I was extremely tired. I eventually fell asleep I his arms. Long did I know when I woke that something would go wrong, again.


We are all in this mess because one night I couldn’t say no, to a drunken teen boy.


It’s my fault regardless.

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