Teenage Dirtbag..

*Flash Back ~ 2 years ago*
“So how about it?”
“I don’t know, you got the stuff?”
“Then there’s no harm to be done”

Thinking back on the conversation we had before he seduced me.
He warned me, his best friend warned me about him, that he was dangerous, and a dirtbag. But just like a dumbass I didn’t listen…
And I regretted doing it, but even more not telling him about Kolton and Kenton. I knew that was a mistake. I knew he would find out later on even if he was traveling the world singing with his best mates. And I was the foolish one to name the kids the names he always wanted to name his kids, and worse they have his last name.
Kolton Lynn Styles
Kenton Martha Styles.
I Knew He Would Come Back.
I Knew He Would Find Out.
I Knew He Was Trouble.


19. Chapter 18

It’s been a week since I saw Harry with Perrie. I’ve haven’t talked to Harry yet, but I’ve been texting Perrie. I was trying not to get involved with her and Zayn’s constant text arguing. I haven’t let her know that I saw her with Harry, and she didn’t tell me either. Kassie and Aleeah were back, and the guys have been staying in an old cottage by the town. Dani and Perrie were staying with me, in the large house my grandmother use to live in. Zayn and I have been texting some ideas for revenge, but none seemed real good enough. We didn’t want to hurt them on the outside, but on the inside a little. The image roaming in my head. And it was hard to forget seeing Perrie in my house every day. Today, I was feeling vulnerable. Everyone was still asleep and I was on my computer eating some cereal. I opened my twitter and had like 5,000 plus new followers. I could see what was coming next, so I just closed it out. I was vulnerable enough today. I heard my phone go off from upstairs. I closed the lid to my laptop and went upstairs. I could hear the kids moaning on the monitor. I unplugged my phone from the charger and laid back on my bed. I had an unread message from Zayn.


From: Zayn


I think I’ve got the perfect plan. Meet me at the Café?


I read.


To: Zayn


Be there in 15


I replied back.


I went into my closet to change into some cloths. I pulled out some yoga pants and an old gray tee shirt. Then I tied up my hair. I went and slipped on my vans, and packed the diaper bag for the kids. I went in their room after, and found them both playing with some toys.


“Good Morning, babies” I said walking over to the dresser.


“Where are we going mummy.” Kolton asked.


“Were going out to eat for breakfast.” I told them.


They both cheered as I pulled out some cloths. I pulled out Kenton a diaper, sandal, and a jumper outfit. I got another diaper, sneakers, shorts, and a shirt for Kolton. I changed Kenton first, then Kolton after. When I finally finished I took them downstairs. I left a note on the counter for Dani and Perrie. And Kolton Kenton and I left for the Café to see Zayn.




“Uncle Zayn!” Kenton exclaimed as we walked in and she saw Zayn.


“Hi sweetheart!” Zayn said lifting her up as she ran into him.


“Go say Hi, Kolton.” I told Kolton, letting go of his hand.


“Hi, Bud!” Zayn Exclaimed as Kolton hugged him along with Kenton.


“Hey.” I said sitting down at the table Zayn was at.


“Hi, how are you?” he asked.


“I’ve been better.”


“Me too. But we can be better without them too.” He tried to assure me.


“You’re right.”


I was going to ask what his plan was but this slut of a waiter interrupted. Clearly token by his looks.


“May I take your order?” she said pretty much leaning onto Zayn.


“Umm, I’m not sure.” Zayn said with an uncomfortable look on his face.


“I’ll have a coffee, and the kids will have the muffin special and some milk.” I said.


Zayn looked at me.


“Wanna split some biscuits and gravy with my Babe?” he asked taking my hand from across the table.


“Sure Babe.” I said smiling back, understanding what he was doing.


The waitress didn’t even notice me until Zayn took my hand.


The waitress left, pissed off.


“Thanks” Zayn said letting go of my hand.


“No problem.” I said.


“So, what’s your plan?” I asked him curiously.


“Oh.” He started.


“As much as I Love Perrie and want her back. I know going back to her it wouldn’t be any better than it was before. I would never want to hurt her, but she hurt me. I did not cheat. If she would have let me explain the girl I was supposedly cheating with were my sister’s friend and all she wanted was a picture.” He said.


“Yeah.” I said understanding.


“Do you really want to suit to their level? It’s just low if you ask me.”


I sighed knowing he was right.


“Your right. But he has to understand that he can’t just do this to me.” I said.


“You’re right. But what kind of example would we be putting for the kids.”


The waitress came back still looking at Zayn.


When she left Zayn spoke.


“Here’s what we need to do. We need to confront them. Sit them down and tell them everything that’s wrong and what we feel.” He compromised.


“Maybe your right.” I said beginning to eat.


Zayn always knows what to say. And the kids loved him. He would make a better father figure for my kids. But I can’t.


Harry deserves his kids’ love. But not mine.


If only I meant Zayn first.


Or anyone but Harry.


But it’s too late now.

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