The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


8. Truths? Or Not?

I walked out of the living room. Linda following me and she walked out of the door without looking back. I stood in the corridor staring after her. Thinking over what she had said.

"That was kind of strange"

I jumped, turning around, I saw Marcel behind me.

Huh, I didn't hear him behind me.

Marcel had his hands in his pockets looking slightly uncomfortable and his expression...

I accused "You were listening in, weren't you?"

Marcel said his voice weaker and very wary "I heard some of it, you're real names R-ruby?"

I cringed at my real name and thought with sarcasm so you heard all of it.

Marcel gathered himself then said in slightly angrier tone "Why didn't you tell me your name was Ruby?"

I snapped back "You're the one to talk, I don't even know who your parents are! Or where you even lived"

Marcel cringed back, his pale skin paling even more and he grimaced then stammered "Y-you never a-asked"

I almost shouted but I held my self back "That's no excuse!"

I noticed that Marcel was slowly backing away from me.

A nasty part of my mind thought he was always a coward...

Marcel glanced around as if he was trying to find some sort of escape route but as he found none, he looked back at me and squirmed under my gaze as he said "I-I guess I h-haven't been entirely h-honest w-with you..."

Marcel opened his mouth then closed it again, it was like he was having some sort of internal struggle with himself.


"You what? Just spill it Marcel, please" I said, feeling suddenly desperate, maybe he had betrayed me? Or never was my friend? Was he put up to this by someone?

Marcel finally choked out "I knew...I knew b-before about vampires"

Pure confusion filled me as I said "I don't-"

Marcel said his voice cracking "M-my... Parents w-were k-killed b-by vampires, they were b-both...k-killed i-in front of m-me, there was n-nothing I could d-do"

I watched, stunned as Marcel's eyes filled with tears and he gulped noisily.

My heart felt like it had been sucked out of my chest then dumped into a bucket of freezing cold water.



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