The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


19. The Warning

About a couple of hours later I stood in front of the Grill.

Marcel said he'd meet me there.

While Louis didn't really say anything but I assumed he'd be there.

I stood outside a warehouse with booming music that seemed to be shaking the ground, the grill.

Not the prettyist place but great for a laugh and hang out with your friends.

I was about to step inside when my phone started ringing...

I picked it up "Hello?"

"Thank you for bloody picking up! Look I saw something, Okay? I-"

I said surprised "Linda?"

"Yes! Its me, Look, Don't go to the grill! Just don't, Something bads going to happen there and its something to do with you!"

I asked her frowning "Why? What did you see?"

Linda said urgently "Its just this feeling..."

I said "If its something bad then I'll handle whatever comes, okay? Besides I promised Marcel"

Linda snapped "I don't care less about that kid just don't go-"

Knowing she wouldn't stop talking intill I agreed not to go to the grill I quickly said "I'll handle it alright, bye"

Linda growled "Ruby d-"

I hung up and put the phone in my pocket, despite the new forboding feeling I was getting because of Linda's warning, I took a deep breath and walked in to the grill.

I was ready for what ever was coming, or so I thought.

As soon as I stepped into the club I almost bumped into someone.

Wow I had forgotten how busy this club used to be.

The music was loud and there was so many voices that it was difficult to hear myself think.

"Hey, Sarah, fancy seeing you here"

I looked up to see Liam with some sort of alcohol drink, he was smiling at me, I was about to smile back but as soon as I saw who he was with, my smile dropped.

Niall and Zayn.

Zayn looked coldly at me then nudged Niall who looked up from where he'd been staring at a girl who was sitting at a table near the small inside pub that the grill has. She was wearing a very lacy see through dress.

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes, trust boys...

Niall spotted me quickly then scowled and turned back to stare at the girl almost hungrily and wistfully.

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