The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


16. Sorry Louis...


Once we were in my science class it didn't take long for our teacher to tell us we were doing some sort of experiment.

I felt myself groan, I was no good at experiments, they tended to come out wrong.

We were putting some sort of chemicals into a beacon when I put my plan into action.

I put some water into the chemicals then I got my necklace of a cross from my neck and put it into the chemicals.

It started to steam as soon as the water turned into holy water.

Okay Louis, I thought, time to find out what you really are....

It was full proof plan or so I thought...

I pretended to get some other chemicals from the table up front where Louis was.

Half of me was hoping this wouldn't work.

Please just let it be Zayn who I have to stake and that's it?


But I wasn't that optimistic.

Then it happened, I tripped on purpose and my chemicals with the holy water and it splashed over Louis's arm.

Which he wretched away from me quite quickly.
Louis hissed "Ouch, dam it!"

I watched transfixed as Louis's arm turned a slight red and some steam came of it.

It was burning slightly.

Oh shit!

"What is going on over there? Smith? Tomlinson?"

"Nothing Miss" Louis lied while rubbing his arm furiously, sending me a glare.

I got over my shock and sent him a tight smile before I backed of to my seat.

Louis Tomlinson was a vampire?

Does that mean Niall is one to?

What on earth happened to all of them in those two weeks they were of?

I shivered as I imagined them all still human being attacked by vampires.

Blood all over the place, them screaming with fear and pain.

Their bodies twitching in agony.

I closed my eyes trying to get those gruesome images out of my head...

I needed to get them all out of the way before they hurt anyone in the school.

I looked sadly at Louis as I clutched my cross necklace to my chest.

Sorry Louis....

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