The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


18. Slightly

Still not believing I was completely wrong about this I grabbed Louis's wrist.

Sure enough it was there, slightly faster and stronger than a normal pulse but that was probably because I shocked him.

"You're quite warm though.... " I pointed out.

Louis snatched his wrist away quickly looking quite irritated as he said dismissively "Still recovering from the flue, it was quite bad..."

"Right" I said frowning at him.

I said slowly to Louis "So..uh, will I be seeing you at the grill tonight with your new lead singer?"

Louis said "Yeah...Yeah, you will"

I stared hard at Marcel from behind Louis who looked like he wanted to escape very quickly.

"I will see you there, right?" I told him, or more demanded would be a better word.

Marcel nodded jerkily, I noticed one of his hands was behind his back, odd.

With an uncomfortable look at Louis I walked from the office, feeling quite embarrassed and stupid.

Louis followed me then Marcel, who if I had looked behind me was looking at his left hand.

It was again a shame I didn't look behind me.

Marcel's hand was if he'd burnt it slightly but the skin seemed to already be healing.

It turned out the holy water had hit its mark after all....

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