The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


12. Silence

After my maths class which was so boring and my teacher giving me at what she thought was an intimidating stare as she told me I should turn up to her class's more ofton I hadn't forgotten my earlier encounter with Liam and went in search for Zayn.

I stopped of at Marcel's maths class and waited for him to come out.

I often didn't see Marcel in the mornings as his class started at a different time, this break and lunch was the only times our class's finished at the same time.

Marcel came out with books huddled to his chest.

He looked up and spotted me,

His face broke out into a smile.

Marcel walked over to me quickly "You came" He said, grinning ear, to ear.

I said as we started to walk from his class "Now all you have to do is come to the grill and we are even"

Marcel's grin fell from his face and he said hesitantly "You know, Mr Davidson has given me a lot of homework to do-"

I shook my head stubbornly "No, you can't get out of it that way"

Marcel sighed "I had to try"

"You know, something strange happened today" I told Marcel what Liam had told me, Marcel would think it was quite odd right?

Something flickered in Marcel's eyes before Marcel raised his eyebrows and said "Um, so you don't think Liam imagined the whole thing?"

I blinked at Marcel shocked "And what? You do?"

Marcel caged "Well, Liam was doing a extremely long report at night, working to hard and the dark can mess peoples minds up a bit"

I shook my head "No that badly, I think I need to talk to Zayn about it"

As we reached the Cafeteria my eyes scanned it for the familiar face.

I spotted him sitting with Niall and maybe Louis I think? But Louis wasn't facing me so I couldn't tell.

Zayn was picking at his food but not eating anything and looked in deep thought.

Marcel said "You sure talking to him about it is a good idea?"

I frowned "Why are you so against it all of a sudden?"

Marcel huffed "Its not all of a sudden, I just don't think that-"

Ignoring him I yelled across the cafetiere "Hey, Zayn! Yeah you! Come over here"

Marcel groaned "Ru- Sarah!"

Zayn looked at me with dislike. He looked at Louis (Yes, it was Louis, he'd turned around to look at me)

Louis gave Zayn a slight nod of encouragement and Niall whispered something to him in his ear as he got of from the table.

Louis' expression was blank as he looked at me and Marcel. He didn't have any food with him while Niall looked like he had been moving his food around on the plate but not eating it.

Niall didn't try to hide his irritation as he glared at me across the cafeteria then went back to staring at his uneaten food.

Zayn walked up to us. Ignoring Marcel and just looking irritaded with me.

"What do you want?" Zayn asked coldly.

I looked at him up and down. Taking in everything. He was a little to pale for my liking. Though was it me or did he look a little bit more attractive?

He seemed a little more broader built than I'd last seen him. His jaw line sharper and his eyes a much darker brown?

Zayn looked like he really did not want to be in my company at the moment, why was that?

A dark thought ran through my head.

Liam had said he'd been terrified and looked like he'd been running...

Maye running away from something?

Maybe that something had caught up with him?

Before I knew what I was doing my Slayer instincts kicked in. 

I didn't hear Zayn yelp "Hey! What are you doing?"

I grabbed his wrist.

My thumb pressing down on the front of his wrist.

Then I heard what made my heart stop...

My worst worry's about what had happened to Zayn came true.

You know what I heard?



Because he didn't have a pulse.




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