The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


5. She Isn't Fond Of You

"Are you alright?" I asked Marcel who still looked ill.

Marcel said looking at the pile of ashes "I-I'm okay...Its just sometimes, b-before they d-die, it just g-gets a-a l-little know?"

I smiled gently "Yeah, I used to feel like that when I was new to this to but it gets easier"

Marcel nodded uneasily then said softly "Buts its so sickening to think that..that c-creature used to be h-human once to..."

My eyes narrowed and I snapped my fingers in front of Marcel's face "Hey, don't think like that, They aren't human now and that's what matters. If you start thinking like that you'll drive yourself crazy, believe me. They haven't got any any humanity left in them so its fine to kill them to save us, the humans"

Marcel got this odd intense look as he asked me "That's what you think?"

I gave a weak smile before I turned away "No...that's what I have to think"

I said gently "Come on, lets go home"

Marcel asked me skeptically "Your hunts are always longer than this, you really mean that?"

I said grimly "I believe there is someone at my house waiting for me"

Marcel narrowed his eyes at me then groaned "You didn't invite her round, did you?"

I didn't reply.

"You did, didn't you?"

Marcel groaned as we walked to my house.

I grumbled "You're the only one who has a problem with her"

Marcel said "Because she's creepy okay? Its like one look at you then she knows everything about you"

I snorted "No one can know everything about a person just by looking at them, you just don't like her because she isn't fond of you, I still don't know what you did to upset her"

Marcel huffed "Nothing, that's why she's a crazy old lady"

I gave him a skeptical look but I smiled inside, I loved it when there was just us and no one else, Marcel was really quite confident, it was only when we were with other people or near vampires he'd become a stuttering wreck. 

I didn't comment on what Marcel said as we got to my house and I opened the door.

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