The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


17. Oops?

An hour and a half later and everything was set.
Science was over and I had rung up Marcel and told him I would be late to the Grill but he better be there when I get there.
I had put my necklace in the plumbing so basically making all of the schools water turn from ordinary tap water to holy water.
I smirked thinking, any vampires in this school are going to get a shock.
I filled up a bucket I found in the store room with holy water from the tap and broke into a small office of one of the teachers who was leaving soon, so everything was packed up in boxes and there was more space...incase of a fight.
Next I called up Louis saying I needed to speak to him about something in private.
I told him where I was, now all I had to do was wait...
My bucket of holy water ready.
I thought grimly, one bucket full of holy water add vampire equals a pile of ash.
Any grief about what I was going to do was pushed down inside me.
I had to do this for the safety of this school....
For everyone...
I had to...
After I got rid of Louis I could deal with Zayn.
I felt myself tense as I heard footsteps.
Two sets of footsteps?
I thought I told him to come alone?
Maybe it wasn't him after all, I started to relax but then suddenly the door was flung open.
"Are you sure about this?" I heard a familiar nasally voice say.
My only thought was one less vampire to deal with as I through the bucket of holy water over Louis's head.
Expecting screaming of pain I closed my eyes.
A second went by...nothing...then....
"What the bloody hell was that for!" A voice spluttered.
My eyes snapped open and I blinked at a completely fine but soaked pissed of Louis in front of me.
What the-
"What is going on?"
Behind Louis was Marcel?
What was he doing here?
I relised they must have been the two sets of footsteps I'd heard.
Marcel had backed up near the entrance, looking startled.
Marcel fortunately had managed to avoid the water and was dry but Louis wasn't that lucky, he looked like someone had pushed him head first into a pool.
I suddenly relised they both were staring at me, waiting for my answer.
I starred at Louis and stammered "I-I thought"
Louis growled "You thought what? That I was a bloody vampire?"
My eyes widened even more and Marcel quickly piped up sheepishly "Its okay Sarah, I uh may have told him"
I glared at Marcel "You told him?!"
Marcel had the decency to look slightly guilty but he quickly defended himself by saying "Well, I'm not the one who thought he was a vampire"
"It was an easy mistake to make!' I was the one spluttering now.
Louis challenged "How do I look like a blood sucking vampire?"
"You're pale and-"
"I had the flue for two flipping weeks, of course I'm pale!"
"You reacted to the holy water I dropped on you on science-"
"You did that on purpose?"
"That hurt!"
"See, you reacted to it!"
"You dumped a bunch of harmful chemicals on me! That weren't even meant to be mixed together! Of course I bloody reacted to it!"

I groaned, I never was that good at science...

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