The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


9. Not If I See You First

Marcel shivered after his terrifying confession. 

I didn't relise I was moving in till my arms swung round his chest as I brought him into a hug.

Marcel stiffened in my arms at first then he relaxed into my arms.

I whispered "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

Marcel gave me a gentle smile and said softly "I know, I'm sorry to"

Slowly we pulled out of the hug and I giggled when I relised that Marcel's glasses had become wonky. Marcel straightened them quickly, looking quite embarrassed.

Marcel asked slowly "So, you uh, coming back to school tomorrow?"

I often had weeks or even months of school to go on vampire hunts each day or each night. I'd come from a generation of slayers and usually slayers were extremely rich so as long as I paid the school enough they wouldn't care if I was gone for ages.

My Parents, yeah you're probably thinking where are they? Well my mum was killed by vampires but I never knew her as she was killed when I was just a baby.

And my father? His out, always out. Where? Work. All day, all night. I never got to find out if he knew about my mother being a slayer or maybe he was a slayer? I don't even know if he knows about vampires or not, so I usually prefer him not home anyway so I can go on vampire hunts not worrying (About what he would say if he see's me come home covered in blood)

But I haven't been to school in almost a month and a half so I said "Yeah, sure"

Marcel beamed at me.

Then a thought accord to me as I asked "Hey, if I'm going to school then you have to come to the grill with me"

As expected Marcel paled and he stuttered "I-I don't think-"

"Come on, you need to socalise more and come to think about it, so do I" I practically begged.

If your wondering what I'm on about then I'll tell you. The Grill is basically where everyone in our school goes to party, to get drunk and gossip. Its always busy and I used to love going there when I wasn't caught up in Slayer business.

Marcel squirmed, looking increasingly uncomfortable.

Marcel said slowly "Its, uh, not really my scene"

Tell me about it, I thought as I cast a critical eye over his vest and sweater that was tucked into his smart trousers.

But I so wanted to go there with someone and as Marcel was standing in front of me and I WAS determined. 

I shook my head and pulled out a pen and paper then I wrote the address of the grill on it and pushed it in Marcel's face.

Marcel had no choice but to take it while looking like I was forcing him to take some sort of poisonous snake.

I then hurried him out of my house saying before I shut the door on him so he couldn't protest "tomorrow night, no excuses! See you there"

But as I shut the door I didn't see Marcel's reluctant and horrified expression turn smug and mischievous while his bright emerald eyes turning darker. 

His voice somehow deeper as he murmured "Not if I see you first Ruby Nimh" 

It was quite strange really because I only remember mentioning my first name...





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