The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


2. My Disguise

I'm Sarah Smith.

I'm 17 years old and I go to Hallvard College.

My parents are split and I live with my mother who doesn't like strangers, that's why I never have friends over.

My last boyfriend went to prison for trying rob someones house, so since then I haven't and don't want another boyfriend.

I travel around the world on holidays because my father is stinking rich and he loves to spoil me because he can't see me very often.

I also know how to fight as my father used to be in the police force and he taught me how to fight from a young age...

That's what everyone knows about me.

That's all any one knows about me. (Apart from my recent best friend Marcel that is but I'll talk about him later)

And you know what?

Its all a lie...

My real name is Ruby Nimh

I'm 18...and that's all I can tell you, or they could find me...

They could kill me...

They could destroy me in so many different ways, that's why my whole life has been a race. A race to see if I can kill them first before they kill me.

They'll catch up to me eventually, I know they will...

For my kind if we're good enough, then we'll go down in glory and honor, facing them. 

Who is them?, You're probably thinking.

They are monsters.

Monsters from myth and legends. They are evil and its my job to kill them and protect the human race a little longer before I'm killed. When that happens another of my kind will take my place.

What is my kind? You're thinking.


My Name is Ruby Nimh and I'm a Vampire Slayer.

Welcome to my life.

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