The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


7. His Not Who He Seems

 Behind me Marcel seemed to pale even more.

I sighed then said "Anything else of my future?"

Linda said calmly "Come here then"

I walked up to Linda and she stood up.

To get something from anyone's future Linda usually had to touch that persons hands.

So I held my hand out and she grasped it.

Linda closed her eyes then a couple of seconds later her eyes snapped open and she took her hand from mine like she'd had an electric shock.

I raised my eyebrows at her, what had she seen?

I suddenly felt uneasy.

Linda looked sharply at...Marcel?

Her eyes narrowing as she said to him "Would you like me to see anything in your future kid?"

I blinked at her, where had that question come from?

Something flickered in Marcel's eyes before he backed up looking frightened.

"N-no, I'm fine...r-really" He stammered.

Linda just looked even more suspicious and Marcel shot me a pleading look.

Knowing Marcel didn't like Linda one bit and wouldn't take to kindly to her snooping around in his brain or spirit, where ever Linda got her visions from so I stepped forward "Marcel's fine Linda, would you stop freaking him out?"

Linda rolled her eyes then turned to me "I need to speak with you, alone"

She shot Marcel a dirty look.

Why was she always so horrible to Marcel?

Marcel looked at me and I gave him a slight nod.

He frowned as he walked out. His head down.

I glared at Linda "Why are you always like that? His never done anything to hurt you"

Linda sighed "I'm just not getting a good feeling of off him Ruby"

I stiffened as she used my real name.

I never liked it when Linda used my real name. It felt like someone was watching then would realise who I am.

Linda demanded "Does he know who you are?"

I shifted as I said "Yes...He knows I'm a slayer"

Linda said grimly "That's not what I asked"

I sighed "Fine...No, he doesn't...he thinks my name is Sarah and he doesn't know my past so, no he doesn't know"

Linda leaned forward and she said "And do you know who he is?"

I blinked at her "Of course I do, I-"

Linda asked "Do you know where he lives?"

I stared at Linda, had Marcel told me where he lived?

I stammered "I-it never came up-"

Linda asked "Do you know who his parents are?"

I said slowly "He never said-"

Linda asked me "Has he mentioned anything about his past? Girlfriends? Childhood? What primary school he used to go to? If he has any other friends? Do you even know his address? Or number even?"

I stared at her "Well...I-"

Linda said coolly "So Ruby do you really know him?"

I said feeling embarrassed and slightly worried "What are you implying?"

Linda sighed "I don't know, I just...don't trust him"

I snorted "Marcel is My best friend. His also a huge geek. I admit I don't know much about him but he doesn't know much about me either, so what? You know? Why wouldn't you trust him?"

Linda grabbed my hand forcefully and said staring intensely at me "Because when I first saw him, I got this feeling... His not who he seems, Ruby remember that"

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