The Devil in Disguise

(Spoiler) Our favourite nerd Marcel will be in this story, thought it turns out...his not as innocent as he seems...


11. He Looked...Terrified


I frowned as Niall and Zayn both walked away quickly.

I raised my eyebrow at them "Whats with them?" I asked.

Liam shrugged as he said "Don't take it personally, they both have been a little stand offish ever since they got back to school, especially Zayn, kind of strange really"

I asked Liam feeling my natural slayer curiosity slipping into me "Why?"

Liam shook his head "Na, its nothing really..."

I said half joking, half serious,  giving him a slight nudge "Come on, tell me. Please?"

Liam complained "You'll think its stupid, I mean I could have imagined it but-"

"But what?" I pressed.

Liam leaned against the lockers, not looking bothered that he would be soon late for class.

Liam frowned "The night before Zayn left, I was in school. I had been trying to finish a report that had taken me ages to finish. The school was empty at first. Then I bumped into Zayn"

I blinked "Zayn? What was he doing in school then?"

Liam said slowly "That's what I thought, it was quite odd at the time but...the strangest thing was he looked kind of..."

Liam struggled to put what he was trying to say into words.

I tried to help "Angry? Upset? Scared?" 

Liam said looking suddenly uneasy "Terrified more like. He was panting to, like he'd been running...H-he almost fell over. I tried to steady him but he yelled at me to let go, he looked like he was almost hysterical...Then he legged it in the opposite direction, not even looking at me" 

"Jesus Christ" I muttered. 

What had scared Zayn so much? 

Quickly my mind went to different possibilities, each one darker than my first thought. My heart quickened in my chest and my mind screamed "No!" 

That couldn't of happened. 

Could it?

I hid my panic away from Liam  who was looking extremely worried as he said "And you know the strangest thing? When I asked Zayn about it when he had finally come back to school, he didn't know what I was talking about! He said my mind must of been playing tricks on me in the dark, after I'd done that huge 8 paged report. And you know something? I'm starting to believe him" 

I said slowly "I don't think you should believe him" 

Liam then looked relieved as he said "So you don't think I'm going crazy?" 

I shook my head as I told Liam confidently "I wish you were going crazy but somehow I doubt it...I think I need a word with Zayn"  


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