Is this happening

Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


12. well this isn't this good

Louis point of view.

I glared at Liam. That bastard. When had I or Anna even done anything remotely to harm his life. Now he wanted to harm her. I would never let that happen to my princess. I felt Anna squeeze my hand a little tighter. I saw her looking around the room not feeling well.i knew that Liam had just given away what happened to her parents. That's what she was thinking about. And before the blink of an eye. Her hand let go of mine and she fell on the floor blacked out. "Oh my gosh" I whispered as I knelt down to her. I couldn't loose her. I didn't care what Liam wanted I would never leave her side never. I picked her body up. I could still feel her heart beating. Her chest rose and fall. She was beautiful. No not beautiful more like perfect. And I was so glad she was mine. I adjusted her in my arms and walked out of the room. "Where do you think your going, we haven't discussed our problem" Liam smirked. I didn't have the time to fool around. Anna needed help. "Go to hell" I spat and walked out the door. I went down the stairs. The living room was filled with the wreak of alcohol, love, and sweat. I glanced around for the guys. It was Niall who saw me first. He came running. " oh my what happened" Niall said fastly. " I don't know, she just blacked out" I said. "Who was the mystery guy" he asked. I paused. " Liam" I mumbled. "Who" Niall asked again. " Liam" I yelled. Niall a face went pale. He gripped his fist making them turn white. He gritted his teeth. " don't so anything yet chap, we need to go get her some help" I said holding Anna up. How where we supposed to get help. " I'm going back to her house." I say. Niall nods. "Tell the boys when they want to leave they can come" I say." I'm going with you" Niall protest. " ok but tell the other boys we will be at her house" I say. Niall runs off. I walk to the door. I couldn't open it. I looked around for someone that could because my arms were full. My he door opened. Bri opened it. " what happened" she gasped. " she blacked out, thanks for inviting us to this part we had a good time, watch Liam Payne like a hawk, and I have to go now to get help for her" I said. She nodded and I walked out. I ran to my car. I opened up the door and gently laid her on the seat. I got in myself. I took her hand. " princess stay with me, your beautiful, your perfect, your my best friend, I can't loose you. I love you. I whisper into her ear and I peck her cheek. I take her hand. And shed a tear. Everything has to be ok. It will be ok. I just know it. Niall finally runs out and hops in the backseat. " so I'm thinking her case is more dangerous than I thought, she should have woken up by now" I say. " take her to the hospital" Niall adds. I agree and we drive to the hospital

4 days later

Anna's point of view.

I wake up. I look around. I can't really tell where I am, the sun is is my face. I try to move but my head is throbbing. I lay back down. The sun is gone. Someone closed the blinds. I see I'm in a hospital bed, there are Iv"s in me. " morning love" I hear a voice say. I turn around to see Louis. I smile. I have never been so thankful to see him. He grabs my hand. The smile gets even bigger. " why am I here" I ask him. "You blacked out at Bri's party 4 days ago, the doctors said you had a blood clot. " he whispers. My eyes widen to this. "Where is everyone?" I ask. " Niall is in the cafeteria eating, Zayn came to visit you this morning but you were asleep. Harry has spent the last 3 days here. And he is supposed to come back sometime today " Louis said. He hadn't shaved in a while, he stunk, and looked exhausted. "Lou how long have you been here?" I ask. " I haven't left since you got here, I try to stay by your side but when the doctors take you for test I can't go." He laughed. "What about Liam" I ask. His smile turns to a frown, and he tenses up. "Let's just say you aren't going to talk to Liam" he demanded. That's when it hit me. Liam had wanted me and him to brake up. Liam had wanted me away from the gang. Liam wanted me. He told me that my parents disappeared. " baby what happened to my parents, Liam said they disappeared" I asked. " let's not talk about this now, let's focus on getting you better" he said kissing my hand.

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