Is this happening

Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


9. unexpected visits

I looked down at my phone. I got a text. "If you love Louis you'll stay away from me and the gang, if you don't want anything to happen meet me at Bri's party tonight I'll be upstairs.

I winced after reading the text. Something wasn't right. I thought of people that would do something like this to Louis and I. But I wasn't even sure if Louis and I were even dating, were we just a fling, or what was happening. " Louis are we together" I mumbled. "What princess?" He asked. "Are you and I together are we a couple" I asked louder this time.

Louis point of view

Said she just ask me if we were together. I mean I loved her and all but I hadn't really thought of us together yet, I had just always been her back up plan if something didn't work out. I know I love her, but does she really love me. I felt a smile come apon my face. She looked at me concerningly. Oh I still hadn't answered her question. " do you want to?" I asked. She stood there and her smile got even bigger. She took my hand and kissed me softly. I smiled too. Was it just me that had butterfly's. Was it even possible a guy can get butterfly's. She pulled away. " I'm guessing that was a yes" I said playfully. " that wasn't a yes it was a hell yes." She said pecking my cheek one more time.

Anna's point of view

I couldn't believe it. Louis and I were together. As a couple. I smiled to my self as we walked hand in hand together to the car. I looked around. People were staring. Great let the gossip begin. I thought. I turned to Louis. He looked at me through the corner of his eye. " babe" he said. " yes " i looked at him. " we are here" he said laughing. I looked around. I saw my mustang parked in its spot. A slight frown creeped down my face. I didn't want to leave. I loved being with Louis. " alright bye I'll see you at 6:30 tonight" I said. " yes princess, 6:30" he said. He walked off. He didn't even say love you, or bye back to me. I looked at my car. I got in. And say there sulking for a second. Then I heard a tap. It started me. I looked to see who it was. Louis. " roll down your window" he lipped. I did as I was told. " I forgot something" he said cheeky. " what did you forget?" I asked. " this" he said as he brushed my hair away from my face and stuck his head through the window. I smiled. He leant in. I did the same and we kissed each other softly. He rubbed my jaw. I nipped his bottom lip being playful. He stick his tongue in. I allowed him to. It seemed that his tongue was engulfing my mouth. I didn't mind though. I returned the favor. I pulled back. " god I love you babe" he said and pecked my cheek once more. " bye beautiful remember 6:30" he said winking. And then he walked off. I smiled to myself. Then realized I has to get home and get ready for Bri's party tonight. And like that I drive myself home.

I got home and went upstairs. I found Mary one of our maids cleaning the movie room. I smiled. " I'm going out tonight if you want to stay the night you can" I coughed. " no no Miss I can't do that. I only come here to work. " she whispered. " ok well if you need anything let me know" I smiled. I walked two rooms over and leaped to my bed. I sat there thinking. When will my parents get home? Will Louis and I last forever? Who sent me that text? Will someone get hurt? I got off my bed and got ready for the party.

Authors note.

Are you liking the story if so please comment what can be done to makethis better. Should I write more novels. Should Anna and Louis date or will Harry come in.

Will Louis and Anna last.

Who sent that text

What will happen at the party.

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