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Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


4. ummmm

I smile and grab his hand. Then lean away. I'm not in the mood for him right now. To be complete honest I wasn't in the mood for anyone right now. Just seeing Harry pissed me off.

I took a couple bites of my food and went to throw it away " where you going love" Harry shouted across the table to me. I just rolled my eyes and walked away.

I threw my lunch away and took a deep breath. I let it out. Relaxed and was ready to ignore Harry. I walked back over to the table sluggishly and sat down. I caught a glimpse of Zayn staring at me. I looked at him and smiled.

Was it possible that I know I had just promised my self I wasn't gonna like Louis. But I had just totally broken my promise. I had just completely flat out lied to myself. I mean after all his smile is so cute.

I sat down next to Louis and started gazing off at the banner in the hallway. " Vote Ali for class president" I read. What she was going to be campaigning. Why wouldn't she tell me. I could feel a frown come upon my face. I thought she told me everything. After all she was my best friend. I could feel Louis's grip get harder. I think he felt me tense up. He looked at me. " babe really what's wrong"

" I I don't know" I said. I mean why was I being so moody. It wasn't that time of the month. I guess today I just wasn't in the mood for being peppy. Just want in the mood for anything.

" ah well it's ok you still look adorable when your upset darling"

I can feel a small smile on my face. Then he pecks my cheek. No not Louis but Harry. Harry Styles. I groan my frown returns and I collapse on the lunch table. I just hate everything right now. " babe was It really that bad " Harry ask I can feel the energy and hate building up inside of me. I was about to explode. What in earth does he mean if it was that bad. Of course it was. That bastard has been doing this non stop for almost 8 years. And this won't be the first time I explode on him. This won't be the first time Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis hold me back from practically murdering Harry.

A flashback occurs. It was the first day if Junior High. I walk in and I was scared as crap. I knew no one especially because I was " the new girl". Harry catches a glimpse of me and comes running over. " well hello there beautiful " I smile " hi" then Louis comes over to Harry and I. then Niall then Liam and lastly Zayn. So far these were the only people if met. And already I had known I had just met my guy best friends.

8th grade. Harry asks me to the school dance. I say yes.

" do I look I ok " I ask Ali. " gorgeous." She replies. I smile in the mirror. My dress was a sweetheart neckline It was a light kind of baby blue with rhinestones and sparkles all across the bottom if the dress. I had on silver heels. My blonde hair was curled and my bangs were pinned to the side. My blue eyes really stood out with my dress. I got to the dance and look for Harry. I continue to advance my way into the gym. I find Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis all together in a corner. That's odd. Harry isn't with them. But I walk to them and ask. " hey where's Harry". " eh I think the chap is backstage helping the Dj" Luois says. " thank you" I curtsy while laughing. " you look amazing, Harry sure is lucky to take you to this dance" Zayn says. " ya if he wasn't gonna take you I would have " Louis says. " if you don't find Him seriously I'm gonna have to take you tonight" Louis says. I laugh at them all. Smile and then go off to find Harry. I walk to the stage and look at the Djs stand. I go up the small set of stairs and ask him. He smiles. " back there" he shouts over the music" I go where I was directed and I see a couple making out, the guy has curly hair. Dimples and was quite handsome. "Harry" I mumble. To my suprise Harry turns around and smiles " yes love" I. Couldn't process what was happening. I couldn't believe that he was cheating on me. Even though i wasn't dating him,I felt a warm tear flow down my face. I hadn't moved. My muscles were locked and Harry seemed to not care. I picked up the end of my dress and ran down the stairs. I pushed through people dancing. I ran past the punch bowl. I ran out of the gym. Tears overflowing my eyes and face. I probably looked like something died. But I didn't care. I ran to the back field outside of the school and plopped down on what seemed to be the most fluffy spot and started to heave and cry. My parents don't ever come see me. The are always away for business's. Ali was at home and didn't have a license or anything yet. Bri was here but I didnt want to ruin her night and I for sure wasn't gonna go back in that place. So I was stuck. I cried more and more. And for what I cared I hated myself. I hated Harry. One I stopped crying I looked up at the stars above me. That was the day I realized I was gonna do something. I was gonna have everything. Gonna try my hardest to be something. Cause I was gonna get somewhere in life. That I knew I could make it. That I knew I had hope for a better life.

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