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Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


11. here we come

Louis point of view

My senses were on edge. If even a pin dropped I could hear it. I squeezed Anna's hand a little. She returned the favor. I smiled. "I'm going to chat with the lads a quick second ok love, you wait here" I stated. " ok" she said happily. But I could still see the sorry in her eye. I ran over to the boys and waved hello. Harry and Zayn returned the favor. Niall just waved because he had a huge mouthful of food. As usual. I laughed. " chaps there may be a fight here tonight, some jerk wants Anna and I to break up I stated, then I paused. And he wants her to stay away from us. " Harry suddenly got a look of concern. " so if you need help or anything we are your backup" he asked. " yes" I mumbled. Zayn exchanged looks with Niall and the nodded. "Your que is if you hear Anna scream or loud noises come" I said. " oh your getting sexual with Anna know are we" Harry said laughing. " no not yet but I bet you want to" I played along. That shut him up. I looked at Zayn and Niall. " you good" I asked. They nodded. I walked off to Anna.

Anna's point of view.

I nervously waited for Louis to return. I practically was about to puke my stomach was tied in knots " you ready, follow me he said. " Louis Louis I I'm afraid. I blurted. " of what" he asked. I was afraid of dying getting hurt, him getting hurt, bri being mad at us for ruining her party, being kicked off cheer squad, loosing my parents. I was scared of almost everything. " never mind let's go. " I said taking his hand. We walked up stairs. There were so many rooms. " in here" I whisper to Louis.

He follows me into the bed room. We see a man sitting on the bed. " hello" i hear Louis say. The figure turns around. To reveal it was Liam. Louis had a speechless expression on his face. I did to. " you might want to close your mouth shut before a fly flies in" Liam told me. I closed my mouth. I was still shocked. I barely even talked to Liam. When had I ever done anything to him. Why on earth was he doing this. Almost a million questions raced through my head.

Louis point if view

To my surprise Liam was the mystery man. But why. Why does he want Anna gone? " are you going to speak" he ask. I started but Anna blurted out. " are you going to stop being so rude?" I heard her say. Liam chucked. " a fiesty one eh, lou she's a keeper". " what the hell is wrong with you" I snapped. " it's simple, I feel I need Anna, and she is a huge distraction to the boys.she needs to go." He explained. "And you somehow expect her just to disappear, hell no. " I argued. " no well yes kind of, the same way her parents did you know" Liam smirked.

Anna's point if view

He wanted me to disappear, what. Wait like my parents did? My parents didn't disappear did they. The kind of did for a couple monthes. But they weren't dead were they?

All this was scaring me. I couldn't make out what was going to happen. I felt faint. The room started to spin around me. I could still feel Louis hand holding mine. I could barely make out Liam's blurred image on the bed. I couldn't hear anything, the room was spinning, I closed my eyes and that was it. I blacked out.

Authors note

Surprise hope you guys like this chapter. I know that my chapters are short but it's just easier that way. Thanks for reading guys please favorite, like, or comment.

Who will take Anna?

Will Louis protect Anna

Will bri get mad that Anna passed out at her party

Will Anna be ok?

Comment and choose.

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