Is this happening

Anna a 15 year old girl has always been popular, pretty, smart and cheer captain. Anna has it made. All but she is lonely. With her parents out if town for business every year she realizes it's time to spice things up in her love life. She realizes much more about herself when she starts talking to her old 5 friends. With realizing things about herself more secrets unravel about her family. Who will be there for her. Who won't?


8. getting home

The last period bell rang. A smile creeped on my face. Today I didn't feel like going to cheer practice. I'll just text Allison to tell the rest of the girls. I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the class room. I did some odd reason had a lot of energy. Maybe it was a good thing. I headed to my locker. Once I got there. I put my notebooks and textbooks on the bottom shelf. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was good. I applied some lip gloss. Grabbed my purse and keys and shut my locker. I headed Tored the parking lot when I was practically thrown up in the air onto someone's shoulders. I looked down. Louis. I smiled and giggled. I could hear him laugh. " you have a nice butt" he said. " um" I started. " don't reply to that" he said. I laughed. " can you put me down now. Please" I said. He put me down and I looked at him. I smiled. He looked at me. For what seemed an hour even though it was scarcely a few seconds we looked at each other and I had butterfly's. Boy did I have butterfly's. I jumped up on my tip toes and pecked his cheek. He hugged me tight. I returned the favor. We walked out of the school together. " where you park" I asked. " over there" he said motioning to where my mustang was parked. " yay me too" I squeaked. " so are you going to Bri's party tonight? " I blurted. " ya but I'm gonna be all lonely, if only I had someone to go with" he said winking. I laughed. He exaggerated the last part of the sentence a lot. "Your coming with me" Louis said. "Ok, what time do you want to meet up?" He asked. " doesn't matter' I mumble. " I'll be there at 6:30" he said. Ok I said. Beep beep.

My phone went off.

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