Sarah <3

Sarah is in love with Noah a guy who she believes hates her but later finds out that's not how he feels at all, but Justin a guy she used to try and rid herself of her feelings for Noah has developed feelings for her too. Now Sarah doesn't want to hurt anyone and has no clue how to chose without hurting either Justin or Noah. Read along as Sarah tries to undo the mess she has caused.


1. The Beginning

When I first met Noah he was shorter than me. Now he's about 5'4 the same height as me, his hair frames his face perfectly, and he's really handsome. He has a big forehead so whenever I tried to point him out to someone I would say "The guy with the big forehead." They would turn and look straight at him and know who I was talking about. After a while I started to have dreams about Noah and I. Some were simple like him and I dating but some would be like me and him having sex. I don't know why I was having these dreams Noah and I hated each other. I can't help but to have a little bit of feelings for him but I would never tell him. So I started hooking up with a guy named Justin the sex was amazing. It didn't last long because people started noticing us disappearing around the same time and coming back around the same time. Justin decide that maybe we should stop and I just agreed but we were supposed to talk about it more the next day.

The next day at school Justin wasn't there. I tried calling his phone but the operator said that his phone was disconnected. After I tried calling Justin; Noah walked up to me and started talking to me. I was surprised that Noah and I had so much in common. Justin wasn't at school for two months but I didn't mind cause Noah was keeping me company when I wasn't hangout with my friends. He actually didn't seem to hate me as much as he did before and the feelings I had for him were starting to grow.

When I told my best friend Carrie about what had happened between Noah and I the only thing she could do was say "Sarah, He likes you."

"Come on Carrie he's just talking to me not proposing." I said

"Damn it Sarah you were hanging around one guy right?" She ask with so much enthusiasm in her voice.

"Yeah I was." as much as I was hoping her explanation of this would be wrong I knew that I was most likely going to make a lot of sense and most likely be correct

"When Noah saw you with that other guy he probably felt jealous or something because you weren't paying him as much attention to him and now that Justin's gone he realized that in order to get your attention he actually has to be nice to you. Does that make any since you look like your confused." She asked. When she said that I realized I had tilted my head and gave her my usual confused look.

"No, I get it. It's just that why would he get jealous?"

"Sarah, he likes you. His way of showing it weird but that's his way of showing it and your completely oblivious to it."

"Okay fine he likes me" I said finally. "Where do you want to go after school"

"I totally forgot we were supposed to hangout after school. I'm not going to be able to make it. I'm so sorry Sarah."

"It's fine really." I tried to sound okay with it but I could help sound a bit disappointed.

As the day went by nothing exciting happened but when I went to my English class I was one of the first couple people there. I would have forgotten about Noah until later if he wasn't in my English class. When I entered the room he was talking to our teacher Mrs. Adams. I walked to my seat and sat down and started reading a book. Before I started reading I heard someone say my name and when I looked up it was a guy named Ed.

"What's up, Ed" I asked

"Did you do the homework from last night I had football practice and forgot about it." He said in a whisper which for him really wasn't a whisper.

"Yeah here you go just don't get caught coping." I handed him a packet of papers "It's page twelve" I said

"Thank you Sarah your a life saver!"

"No problem." I said with a smile. When I got up to sharpen my pencil Noah walked up to me and stared at me for a minute or two. When I turned and looked him he just smiled and started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked

"Nothing. So what are you doing after school?" He asked.

"I'm going to hang~ugh I mean nothing. Why?"

"Do you want to hang out. Get a burger at classics or something?" He looked really nervous when he asked.

"Yeah, okay after we get burgers what do you want to do." I asked

"I don't know we'll figure that out when we get there." He walked away smiling and I couldn't stop smiling either.

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