Sarah <3

Sarah is in love with Noah a guy who she believes hates her but later finds out that's not how he feels at all, but Justin a guy she used to try and rid herself of her feelings for Noah has developed feelings for her too. Now Sarah doesn't want to hurt anyone and has no clue how to chose without hurting either Justin or Noah. Read along as Sarah tries to undo the mess she has caused.


4. After the Terrible Monday

As soon as I got home I just cried until I fell asleep. When I woke up I checked my phone the time was was 5:49. I had two texts.

To:Sarah From:Noah

Hey Sarah,

Are you okay? After everything that happened today you looked upset, but every time i tried to approach you you would turn away. Please talk to me. 

I didn't feel like talking to Noah or anyone I just wanted to curl up in my bed and never have to deal with anything ever again. Just as I started to read the second text my phone buzzed and scared me a little.

To: Sarah From: Carrie

Sarah I know your probably gonna ignore this, but I heard about what happened today. So talk to me if you feel like talking to someone. Also don't you dare just pull away from everyone just because you don't feel like dealing with this.

She was right i really didn't feel like dealing with any of this i just wanted to die. it really didn't help that i was feeling sick as if i was going to throw up. I decide to go downstairs to go and brew some tea as i got to the bottom of the stairs my dad opened the front door and started to set his things down off to the side where i he wouldn't forget them in the morning.

"Hey cupcake how was your day at school?" my dad asked as he crossed the living room to the kitchen to where I was standing.

"Terrible. How about your day at work?"

"You know the usual. What do you mean your day was terrible. Did something happen or is this just you being dramatic again. Also could you make me some tea also?"

"Yeah do you want lemon or peach?" Opened the cabinet where we kept the tea and saw that there were at least twenty different teas.

"Sarah do you see all of those different kinds of teas we have if you don't drink one of those from time to time i'm going to stop letting you pick so many when we go shopping." he sounded a very stern and serious about it.

"Okay, fine I'll make pomegranate black tea." i really didn't want any other tea but lemon peach tea.

"Sorry about that tell me what happened to you that made you day so terrible." His voice got deep and I could tell he was making fun of me.

"Well, my day was great until 6th period." I turned around and got out the french press and the sugar."During 6th period the school newspaper came and everyone started to whisper and giggle and when i got one it was a picture of me and Noah on the front page kissing!"

"I thought you hated that boy. You know since you guys always argue and always yell about how much you hate each other. Why would you guys be kissing?" I could tell he was starting to get confused.

"We kinda realized that we don't hater each other but that we really like each other and started dating." i tried my best to say it under my breath but my dad was always really good at hearing everything.

"Well I wasn't expecting that at all. The only thing i have to say is take things slow, don't let him pressure you into anything you don't want to do and if you have sex use protection cause if you get pregnant I'm going to do the best i can to help you but the baby is going to be your responsibility. I'm hoping that's something your mother would say." He started smiling.

"I think mom would be more like don't go and have sex. I don't care if your thirty-five i will beat you if I find out your having sex!!" I started mocking the face and the walk she would do if she were here talking with us. "I wish she were here right now i really miss her." I started to choked back the tears.

"So do I but everything happens for a reason. I don't know why she had to go but if that's the way things were to happen there's nothing we can do about." He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Four months ago my mom was involved in a brutal murder. She went around cleaning houses and the husband of the family who's house she was cleaning stabbed his wife and daughter and when he realized that my mom was there he killed he too. I'll never forgive him not matter what. He should be put on death row but Michigan abolished the death penalty. I can't help but to blame myself if only I had stopped her from leaving that day. I tried my hardest to fight back the tears I had suppressed for so long.

I finished making the tea and poured a cup for my dad.

"Thank you for the tea. Also just a picture cant ruin your day what else happened?" he started to lean over in order to look at my eyes which were fixed on the kitchen floor.

"Everyone started making fun of me. They were asking Noah when did he become so desperate for sex and asking why he would kiss an ugly girl like me practically."

"Don't let those idiotic kids get to you they don't know what their talking about. your a beautiful young girl and if they can't see that then they are obviously blind and if any guy ever thinks he can use my daughter like that HA! he's got another thing coming." He looked very serious and angry as if he would go and shoot someone.

"Thanks dad." I took a long sip of my tea when my dad said "Are you feeling okay you don't look so good."

"I think I'm getting sick"

"Why don't you take a day off from school and if your not feeling better by then I'll take you to the doctor." He put the back of his hand on my forehead then felt his own.

"You feel kinda warm. Feel better sweetheart. I gotta go write a Sale report that's due tomorrow." He said as he walked up the stairs into his office.

I drank the rest of my tea and went back to my room and feel asleep.

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