Confused Love

Kiera Mason is a good girl . She is also BFF's with One Direction . When Kiera gets invited to a charity event , mad things happen ! Will she get caught up in Confused Love ? Read to find out ( this is a short story !!)


11. Two years later

 **** 2 YEARS LATER ****
Harry and I were married . Leah and Liam married . Yelena married a 49 year old and Niall married Tabitha Eve . Zayn settled down with a girl named Stephanie and had quints named Rebecca , Josie , Maddie , Safaa and Aimee . I was pregnant on Maisie and I already had Annabelle and Brookyln , who were now two and three . Everyone was happy ever after .  Oh ! Don't forget Eleanor and Louis had Ellie , Chloe and Baxter . We all lived in Brooklyn and my sister married Benny James , her ex boyfriend 

                                  !!!  THE END !!!

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