Confused Love

Kiera Mason is a good girl . She is also BFF's with One Direction . When Kiera gets invited to a charity event , mad things happen ! Will she get caught up in Confused Love ? Read to find out ( this is a short story !!)


8. 7

It was so quiet and we were talking heart - to - heart . Harry loved Leah Taylor . He used to love me . When we were younger he kissed me up against a tree by the lake at home . He told me he loved me like no other . But when we were 12 he met Leah and he hasn't been the same since . Leah was pretty , no denying it . She had long wavy red hair and green eyes . She thought I loved Harry and slapped me across the face , broke my arm and gave me a blood nose . Leah was the devil , and she took Harry from me . 


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