Confused Love

Kiera Mason is a good girl . She is also BFF's with One Direction . When Kiera gets invited to a charity event , mad things happen ! Will she get caught up in Confused Love ? Read to find out ( this is a short story !!)


7. 6

My phone beeped and I picked it up . "Hello ?" I said . "Umm . It's Liam . I called to say , I broke up with Tabitha Eve . Cuz I love you . " . My face was raging with anger . Niall danced with me. Zayn sang to me and now Liam loved me ! . "Not now Liam " I said and hung up . Harry raced around the corner . "Harry . Wanna walk ? Please say yes !" I smiled . He giggled and ran his fingers through his hair . "Sure Kid , whatever you want !!! " he said and we walked to a small lake . 

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