Confused Love

Kiera Mason is a good girl . She is also BFF's with One Direction . When Kiera gets invited to a charity event , mad things happen ! Will she get caught up in Confused Love ? Read to find out ( this is a short story !!)


4. 3

When we arrived at the venue , we were met by the boys . Louis wife Eleanor was the nicest girl of all . She had long ,wavy brown hair and brown eyes . She was wearing a red chiffon dress and red heels . "Kiera you look lovely . I love your hair " Eleanor smiled . Louis gave her a quick peck and gave her a hug . "Thats why your my wife , El " Louis said . She grinned and we walked into the hall . 

Harry grinned at me . "Hey pretty . You look nice . " he patted me on the shoulder . I giggled . I had nobody to love . Nobody loved me 

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