Confused Love

Kiera Mason is a good girl . She is also BFF's with One Direction . When Kiera gets invited to a charity event , mad things happen ! Will she get caught up in Confused Love ? Read to find out ( this is a short story !!)


3. 2

Harry , Liam , Zayn , Niall and Louis are all great friends of mine . That's why they asked me to go to a charity event . 

I got all dressed up in a wine dress and matching shoes and a hairpiece . My hair was done elaborately in a messy , side bun . Harry said he would escort me to the event , even though he had a girlfriend Leah Taylor . Then Zayn wanted to escort me even though he was engaged to Jodie Stef , a girl in my year . Also Liam and Niall wanted to escort me although Liam was married and Niall was engaged to Yelena . Yelena was Ugly with a capital U . She had purple hair in a bob with blonde highlights and blue dip - dye . Her eyes were a greyish - blue and she had yellow teeth . Liam loved Tabitha Eve, a girl in my year too . She had long brown hair and greenish - blue eyes . So in the end Niall and Yelena escorted me . Yelena looked like a baby duck . She was wearing a yellow dress covered in feathers and yellow heels the hight of Mt . Everest . Her lips and eyes were covered in yellow substances . Her cheeks had yellow love hearts on them . "Well I never knew Kiera May was joining us" she said . I smiled evilly . I didn't know any smart remark to pass , so I just ignored her . 

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