Annie is an exchange student in London, and one day she accidentally bumps into the most popular boy at her school. Annie often gets bullied, and she have a few friends. What happens when everything changes?


1. intro

Annie's P.O.V

After an hour or so on an airplane I landed in London. Finally. In Germany people rarely liked me, so a new start was exactly what I needed. I grabbed my bag and left the plane.

When I came outside the airport, I waved in a cab. "Saint Mary high school please" I ordered. He nodded and I paid. The drive took about half an hour, and the first thing that took my attention were the big school. "Have a nice day, Lovely" the cab driver said. I just nodded, and replied with a smile. I took my bags and went inside to the reception. "Hi, my name is Annie Montgomery, and I'm new here, the mail said you would give me a key?" The reception lady nodded and gave me the key. Room 125.

The green door to my room was already open. As I went inside I saw two girls and 5 boys sitting in the two couches.

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