The Rodent Gang

This is a story about a bunch of rodents, that go on all different kinds of crazy adventures. Each new chapter is an opertunity for a new adventure to begin. So join these tiny critters on a new trail as I publish at least a chapter a day!


1. Meet The Rodent Gang

Here are all the little critters that will infest the stories ahead...


This is a Chipmunk

His name is Chip


He is quite a cheeky little fellow, who is madly in love with the beautiful Snowdrop. He always stuffs nuts in his cheeks, and has to hide them from the crafty squirrels. He only ever shares his nuts with Snowdrop, as he scampers the forest floor at her side constantly. He is always full of energy, and scurrying through piles of leaves, and up trees.

This is an Albino Chipmunk

Her name is Snowdrop


Snowdrop likes to keep her silky white fur clean, and enjoys the company of Chip, and his supply of nuts he always shares with her. He thinks of Chip like a brother.

This is a Grey Squirrel

His name is Nutty


He can be quite mischievous, and is constantly picking on Chip, and trying to steal his nuts. He is a very naughty young squirrel. He is deeply in love with Sunrize.

This is a Red Squirrel

Her name is Sunrize


She tends to keep to herself, and treats Snowflake like a sister. She cannot stand how naughty Nutty is. She will aways stick up for Chip, with the help of Snowflake.

This is a Black Squirrel

His name is Darkness


He keeps in the shadows most of the time. A lone squirrel, only to be tamed by the heart of sweet Snowflake. He is madly in love with her. Darkness will fight for anyone he loves, and his friends. He is strong, and a very independant young squirrel.

This is an Albino Squirrel

Her name is Snowflake


Snowflake tries her best to socialize with Darkness, but he always wants to be alone. She talks to Sunrize who is like a sister to her about her troubles. Snowflake is falling in love with Darkness. Oposites atract you could say. Unfortunatly she is too shy to even start a conversation with Darknes at times.

This is a Wild Rabbit

His name is Skipper


Skipper is always hopping about like he is apsolutly insane. It takes a big old rabbit like Alice, to mother this young wild rabbit, and keep him out of trouble. Skipper normally does all his daily stuff, with Shadow at his side.

This is a Flemish Giant

Her name is Alice


She is a wise old girl, that everyone goes to when ever they have a question they need answered. Alice has always thought of Skipper and Shadow as being her sons, and is always getting thrm both out of trouble.

This is a Guinea Pig

His name is Shadow


Shadow is Skippers best friend. He is very shy and is always talked into doing naughty stuff. He tends to go with the crowd, too afraid to sqeak him opinion on the matter.

This is a Golden Hamster

His name is Nugget


Nugget is always storing food, and is in charge of the winter storage log where all the rodents food supply goes for the cold harsh winter ahead. Nugget is very greedy and fat, but also very resourceful when it comes to food.

This is a Water Vole

His name is Walter

Walter is always swimming in the river, and if not in water, he is only on land resting, or hanging out with his best friend Violet. He has a tiny crush on her, but he feels dating the opposite species will be wrong in other peoples eyes.

This is a Field Vole

Her name is Violet


Violet is a very quiet little soul, that foreges around for food, and only reall talks to Walter. She fancies him, but knows he won't love her back because she is a different species to him.

This is a Hazel Dormouse

Her name is Darcy


Darcy is best friends with Dobby. She also loves him with all her heart. She goes around picking berries, and making pretty things out of leaves, and sticks. She is very creative.

This is an Edible Dormouse

His name is Dobby


Dobby loves Darcy, and enjoys scampering around the tree tops. He helps Darcy to collect things for her pretty projects. Sometimes he would come baring gifts for her as a simbol of his love for her.

This is a Catybara

His name is Barry


Barry spends most of his life swimming in rivers. He is best friends with Dave, always keeping him out of trouble.

This is a Degu

His name is Dave


Dave is always getting into trouble, and is always found hanging out with Barry by the waters edge.

This is a Hedgehog

His name is Spike


Spike feels that nobody loves him, and is almost always depressed because no body dares give him a hug, in fear of being prickled.

This is a Brown Rat

Her name is Rachel


Rachel is always stealing food from her friends, an peoples houses. She is a sneaky rat, who takes risks in order to survive. She loves Rufus.

This is a Ship Rat

His name is Rufus


Rufus lives the thug life, stealing, fighting, and taking risks that could end his furry little life. He goes of adventures with Rachel, helping her to steal food from friends and peoples houses. Rufus is madly in love with Rachel, and fears every mouse trap, and poisoned food tray they come across. He fears one day mans contraption, may take her from him.

This is a House Mouse

Her name is Dot


Dot relys on animal, and peoples scraps in order to survive. She has no friends as she is too afraid to approach anyone and talk to them. Being so small, every one, and every thing is a threat to her survival.

This is a Water Shrew

His name is Sinker


Sinker shys away to the water depths. He is afraid of every one and every thing. But he does enjoy a good swim in solitude.

This is a Brown Hare

His name is Harry


Harry is a funny guy to be around. He is normally seen sharing his jokes and laughs with Bertie.

This is a Beaver

His name is Bertie


Bertie builds things for other rodents, with his building out of wood skills. He is very funny, and enjoys the company of his best friend Harry.

This is a Meerkat

His name is Marvin


Marvin is always going on adventures, and finding something to argue ahout all the time. He enjoys a good chat, and a goo play fight, but all of these normally end up in tears, or somebody getting hurt.

This is a Naked Rat

Her name is Nelly


Nelly is ashamed of being the only rodent with no fur. She is very depressed most of the time, and keeps to herself at all times. All she really wants is a friend like her, who won't laugh whenever they look at her.

This is a Weasel

His name is Wally


Wally loves Sally, and is always making her laugh. He is quite a funny chap, who enjoys doing dares, and going on adventures. He's quite the little dare devil.

This is a Stoat

Her name is Sally


Sally likes a good play fight, and loves going on adventures with her best friend Wally who she also loves.

This is a Muskrat

His name is Max


Max keeps to himself down by the river. But enjoys a good chat if any rodent passes by. He likes to have long chats, and get involved with all the gossip and rumours going around.

This is a Mongolian Gerbil

His name is Jeremy


Jeremy keeps to himself, but tries his best to befriend Dot all the time.

This is a Ferret

Her name is Verity


Verity enjoys the company of her best friend Paul. She enjoys play fights, and a good adventure.

This is a Polecat

His name is Paul


Paul loves Verity, and loves playfighting with her, and having her by his side during their many adventures they take together.

This is an North African Gundi

His name is  Garry


Garry is fed up with naughty rodents trying to throw things in his ear holes, and laughing at him. Fed up of being used as a goel in football games, he trys desperatly to find a friend who understands his pain.

This is a Norway Lemming

His name is Lennie


Lennie is best friends with Sugar. But gets upset when she goes up the trees and leaves him behind on the forest floor. He hopes Sugar won't one day leave him for a new friend who can actually leave the floor, and take off to the skies.

This is a Sugar Glider

Her name is Sugar


Sugar enjoys gliding through the tree tops, and wishes she had acutal wings. Her best friend is Lennie. She enjoys the tree tops, but prefurs Lennie's company down on the forest floor.

This is an  African Pygmy Hedgehog

Her name is Hettie


Hettie is sad because other rodents fear her prickles, and won't stand close to her. This makes Hettie always sad, and feel alone in the world.

This is a Bilby

His name is Billy


Billy is best friends with Kelly. They both love to snuggle together and keep warm. They both hate cold weather. Billy sticks up for Kelly whenever anyone bullys her. Billy also enjoys the company of his brother from another mother, Chilly.

This is a Kangaroo Rat

Her name is Kelly


Kelly enjoys Billy's company, hates the cold, and he keeps her warm. Billy is like a father to her. And she thinks of Chilly like a uncle.


This is a Chinchila

His name is Chily


Chilly hates horrible wet cold weather, as he can never get his fur dry properly for days on end. This is why he enjoys the company of Kelly and Billy. They also hate it cold.

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