Story of My Life

Liam loved Teliya with all his heart. But what happens when he has to go on tour with the boys. Will he forget her, will she forget him, will they fall for other people? Read to figure out!!!



5. Swim

Teliya's P. O. V.

I feel the sun, the concrete roasting my bare feet. It's been a few days since Jessie has come over. I want him so badly, more than Liam.

This is so bad. Why'd I have to go around and let another guy stick his penis in me? An unprotected penis at that. I don't know what I'll tell Liam, all I know is that I have to.

I don't deserve him, I never have, never will. But then again he doesn't deserve me. I doubt if he would, but he probably has been with someone during the past tours. Heck he could've slept with someone on this tour already.

But also that's how we met. Horny and attracted to one another. We needed someone to heal our pain, and we were just there. I wish my mom would've never gotten me the stupid tickets or the meet and greet.

I shouldn't be thinking like this, I need someone to help me get him out of my head. I decide to ask Jessie to come over and swim with me. Of course he says yes. I think about this whole situation as I dip into the pool and then lay out to tan, patiently, waiting.


His voice doesn't scare me, it soothes my soul really. My eyes pop open when I hear him say my name. I meet his face with my eyes but his are just scanning my body.

Why'd I wear this suit today? But I can't help but do the same, scanning his body like and innocent child. He's more toned than Liam, his blond hair matching his bronze tan. Gosh I love it.

"So," I say before I pause, "want to swim?"

He laughs. Oh my gosh his laugh. I have a feeling we may have sex again but I remind myself I may be pregnant. Maybe I should tell him. What would Liam say?

He bends down close to me and puts his hands on my hips. His face maybe an inch from mine, and I can feel his hot air. His fingers move up to my stomach leaving a trail of fireworks.

I push him away playfully and run and jump into the pool. I hear him yell something but my ears are filled with water and the sound of my splashing.

When I raise my head above the water I see him glistening. The water trickling from his golden curls, that are now straight. He has hair like Harry, and to be honest I love it.

"I need to ask you something Jess," I tell him. Butterflies swarming in my stomach.

"Yeah, what's up precious?" He says smoothly.

"Jessie, when we had sex a few days back, were you protected?" I say pausing in between my words.

His face goes read and suddenly I'm scared. What if he leaves me? What if he doesn't want me anymore, how will I even find the words to tell Liam.

I turn around with my back towards him. I don't know what to say, or think.

"I'm sorry T, but I want you to know this won't change anything. I know it's only been a week we've been together but I love you. I want to be with you, pregnant or not. That baby is mine too."

I can't help to smile and cry. That's everything I wanted to hear yet I'm so scared. He grabs my hands and we swim over to the steps. I get lost in his eyes, gosh they are so beautiful. My forehead is leaning against his.

"Tel-" he only has the chance to say half of my name because I silence him with my kiss. I don't know if this is the right thing to do, but don't I want it to be.

He flips us around so his body will be on top. His hands rake along my thighs. I want him so badly. I speed things up a bit and pull his swim trunks off.

"Teliya, stop for a minute," he demands. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I kind of took your trunks off so do you think so?"

His lips touch mine again and somehow he's already taken my bikini bottoms and my top off.

He looks at me, scanning every inch of me and I can feel myself blushing. I shove his body against mine and he falls to my side splashing. I laugh and climb on top of him.

How can I be cheating like this? How can I be getting pregnant when I have a boyfriend? Oh I don't know and I don't care really. Liam can't give me happiness because money isn't happiness. I'm just happy to be normal again. That's all I've ever wanted.


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