Story of My Life

Liam loved Teliya with all his heart. But what happens when he has to go on tour with the boys. Will he forget her, will she forget him, will they fall for other people? Read to figure out!!!



3. Meeting up

Teliya's P. O. V.

I hear a small knock on my door knowing it's either Jessie or the Pizza Hut deliverer. I hesitate to stand but then slowly rise to bump into my best friends hard chest. It reminds me of Liam.

"Sorry" Jessie says "The door was unlocked, sorry if I scared you."

"No Jess it's okay. Why are you holding my pizza?" I nervously laugh.

"Oh haha I picked it up at the door and paid for you." He returns the laugh.

"Well can we eat it?" He just slowly nods with a disgruntled look in his face. He sits on my couch and I go to the kitchen and get him a beer and me a water. "So," I pause "Liam is gone for six months for the tour." He stiffens and looks at me. "Why so tense?" But he doesn't answer, his face just gets close to mine until I can feel his hot air.

He picks up my hand and places it on his cheek. He starts to speak but his words stop when he sighs into my kiss. I think of Liam but don't pull away. He slips his hand up my shirt while using his other to try to unbutton my pants.

Somehow he managed to take my shirt off and now he is kissing my neck. I moan and can still feel him trying to undo my pants. "Jess," I moan and be grumbles a yes. "W-we can't," I say and he stops.

His face is a in a scowl. "You always reject me." He says in a angry growl as he stands up. "Ever since we were freaking's always Jess we can't Jessie there is someone else..guess what Teliya there isn't anyone else for me."

I feel my face going red. I sigh and walk towards him. I look up in his beautiful hazel eyes. The way he makes me feel sometimes I just go weak. He looks down at me and his face softens. "You may not love me like I love you but I can't be mad at you." I giggle.



"Please kiss me again."


Hey guys I'm sorry I havent updated forever and all the Jazz but I'm gonna be doing more with this story than with my others. They need serious work! Like i said Jessie may be a problem in the story. Well love you guys and a new update will happen soon!

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