Story of My Life

Liam loved Teliya with all his heart. But what happens when he has to go on tour with the boys. Will he forget her, will she forget him, will they fall for other people? Read to figure out!!!



1. Gone

Liam's P. O. V.

"Love it's time to go!" I hollered to my girlfriend Teliya. We've been together for two years and I finally have to leave her for tour. She walked down the stairs of our house tiredly giving me her million dollar smile.

"Ready beautiful?" I asked flashing a wink at her.

"I dunno do you have everything?" She questioned.

"Yes I do." I replied chucking my watch "we should get going," She gives me a weak smile and we headed out.


I walked up to the boys and our jet with Teliya trailing behind. I stopped causing her to almost make me fall with her tight grasp she calls a hug.

"I'll miss you." I whisper in her ear "And I love you."

"I'll miss you too Liam and I love you more," She whispers back.

I lean in giving her a long passionate kiss. "I promise to call you every night and to never hurt you, or see another girl." I assured while sliding a promise ring on her finger. I gave her another long kiss but was interrupted by Niall.

"Liam it's time to go!!" He hollered from the entrance of the jet.

"You better go." She says while messing with her ring. "I love you." I yell one last time before entering the plane with tears. "It's alright mate!" Niall apposed while patting me on the back "You may get to see her again!"

Teliya's P. O. V.

"You better go," I said while fiddling with the ring denying to give eye contact with my boyfriend. I wished I could've tagged along but I couldn't. Liam hollered that he loved me before he entered the plane. I walk back to my car and got in. I turn the key in the ignition and drove home.


I walked into the house and started crying. My one and only was going to be gone for a year, and I trust Liam but then I don't. He's gonna be with Harry for a year who is a complete man whore.

Liam may be the daddy directioner but still. Since I am going to be lonely I decided to call my guy friend, Jessie. We've been friends since birth so Liam doesn't have to worry about me cheating. Jessie is like my brother plus I'd never ever think about cheating on Liam like never. Liam is my soul mate.

Hello peoples this is the first chapter to Story of My Life and i'll tell you now Jessie is gonna be big in this story. Please follow, fan and like me and my stuff. Also check out my other movellas. Plus if your reading this please like and comment on this story. Tell what you like to see and tell me if you do/don't like it. Oh and also comment if you want to be one of the boys girls and or Harry's one-night stand girls, maybe I'll make him be serious with one.



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