Story of My Life

Liam loved Teliya with all his heart. But what happens when he has to go on tour with the boys. Will he forget her, will she forget him, will they fall for other people? Read to figure out!!!



4. Alone

Teliya's P. O. V.

I wake up and I almost roll off the bed. I really almost roll off my king size bed? I pull off the sheets but feel goosebumps all over my naked body. Why am I naked? I know Jess and I only kissed last night, at least that's all I remember.

I climb out of bed and take a quick shower. I get dressed in some baggy sweatpants and one of Liam's shirts. I grab my phone and dial Jessie's number. I hear a buzz on the counter as I walk into my kitchen. I quickly dip under my bar when I see Jessie standing shirtless cooking something on the stove.

I wait for a minute and then look up. Jessie's hazel eyes meet mine. I give him a nervous smile. "Why are you under the bar?" He says. I feel my face glowing red, "I-I," I clear my throat, "I was just picking up my phone!" I smile and nervously laugh. He puts his hand out and I take it.

He yanks me up playfully and I smack into his chest. For a minute I think about pulling away but then I hug him. My hands are planted flat on his chest so I can push away. I hesitate thinking of Liam and the promise I made to him. Then I pull away.


"Yes doll?" His white teeth glimmering at me with a smile.

"Did..did we have sex last night?"

"U-um," he clears his throat and looks at me with a guilty look.

"Answer me now." I say with a frown now plastered on my face.

He walks over to the sink and places his hands on either side of it. "I'm sorry T-"

"It's okay. I came at you." Even though I interrupted him he turns at me, his face is red with his normal pearly white teeth showing. We laugh for a minute but then stop because we both smell his eggs burning.


It was a little after 11:00 a.m. Jessie left an hour ago and I've been sitting around watching cartoons. I'm a child at heart.

I feel my phone vibrate on my stomach. It's Liam. My heart starts beating out of my chest because I remembered my best friend going down on me yesterday.

I hesitantly swipe the answer button to the right and hear the yell of an army of directioners. Then I hear Liam tell them to quiet down so they can hear me.

"Babe?" I ask and the crowd screams again.

"Hey!" I hear him chuckle. "The crowd and I just decided to tell you how much we love you!"

"I love you too but I have to go I'm working out." I lie.

He clears his throat and I can hear the hurt when he says he loves me and hangs up.

I sigh and think to myself how I'm the worst girlfriend ever. But then I think of how he left me alone for six months with no companions besides Jessie.

I laugh at the thought of Jessie and I making love last night. Liam has never made me feel the way Jessie did. Liam's lips aren't as soft as his and Liam doesn't have messy blonde hair I can run my fingers through.

I mentally hit myself in the face and just sit there all alone because I have nothing else to do. I can't start having feelings for Jessie now. Just no I can't.


Hey everybody I hope you start liking this and please tell your thoughts in the comments.. I know the first few chapters were terrible but I think all I can do is make them better. Well like I said please comment/favorite/like just please tell me how I'm doing!! Also please share this with other people you think may like it!!


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