Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


14. Truth or dare game game part one

 Aria's POV

5 minutes after Ezra left , I calmed down so much that I went upstairs and went to my room where Hanna had pushed my bed into the place in the cupboard and Spencer and Emily laid out all the bedding. The pizza boxes were sitting on the middle of my red carpet , drinks on the table I put in here this morning and the movies were next to the TV. " Hey Girls , I'm going to get into pjs before we start the game" I said as I opened my wardobe to find a night dress . " Sure , Aria dont take too long to change" Hannah yelled as I closed my bathroom door. I slipped up my long  purple halter dress over my head which messed up my straight hair. I slipped my silky blue night dress on which came up to half of my thighs and opened the door and made sure my heels were off.

Spencer sat on the sleeping bag over the mat twirling her dark brown hair into a curl , daydreaming about Toby. "  I'm ready now and lets make like old times" I said loud enough for Spencer to stop daydreaming. Hannah ran into the room and sat on the pink sleeping bag  waiting paitently for me to sit down on the slighty higher sleeping mat with sleeping bag.

No one's POV

" Aria , truth or dare?" Hannah asked her with an evil smile. " Truth" she replied with a large smile. " Do you still love Ezra?" she asked with a sad smile. "No I dont love him" she said with saddness in her eyes. " Ok Spencer , truth or dare?" Aria asked with a friendly smile. " Dare" she replied feeling nerious. " I dare you to say your daydream that you had earlier" Aria dared. " Ok , I daydreamed about the last time we had our last weekend together before his trip and when he would be back to visit me this holidays" Spencer says. " Emily  , truth or dare". " Dare"  Emily says. " Emily I dare you to invite Cassy over here and i will tell you the rest of the dare if she comes" .  At that moment , Emily's phone rings and its Cassie calling. " Hey babe , would you like to come over here?"  Emily says sexually. " Of course sexy , be there in half an hour "  Cassie says playfully back. " Text me the address and I will be there". " Ok" Then  Cassie hung up the phone. " Ohhhh Emily , you want Cassie bad" Aria teased as Emily blushed.  " Ok I dare you to hook up with Cassie"  Spencer dares. " Alright I will " she laughs as she says it. Aria and Spencer bit their lip while Spencer had given Hannah a dare because she was single and Emily got the same dare. 

Hannah is pretty much our sexual goddess who could pick up anyone. Spencer is the smartest and planner for all events we have. Aria is the inspirational, artistic and charming person I know as she done many performances  that made the audience cry with happiness. Emily may be gay but she is the most experienced girl you could ever date with swimming , making clothes or what ever else you don't often find.



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