Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


19. Precious moments

Watching my little girl is so amusing and beautiful and when she is in relaxation , her mouth moves as if she is singing. Tayala is always in harmony and seems to be a dreamer. Today for me is about my daughter and myself. She has Ezra's nose but I'm not sure about anything else. She is so quiet , in harmony and loving her time with her mum. The first time I held her it felt so magical like my dreams came true but there is something missing. Ezra is the part that's missing but I stare at my daughter with a true happy smile.

Ezra's pov

Victoria is acting so strange but I don't want her in my life anymore. Seeing Aria pregnant made me remember that its my reality showing me my path. "I LOVE ARIA MONTGOMERY FOR LIFE " I felt like yelling straight out the window for the whole world to know. Turning around as I saw Victoria and some male model kissing and heading to the bedroom , my anger was firing up when I saw that. I knocked down the bedroom door in her apartment , grabbed my suitcases and packed everything of mine. The shower was running and I went to grab my bathroom eletricals , I saw her and him pashing against the wall. I grabbed them and stuffed them in my suitcase. I opened my built in wardobe and threw all the things she brought me. Including that bracelet that had " Victoria and Ezra for ever"  grabbed her lighter and started melting the engravement down to it was nothing but a heart spilt in half. " Victoria came out of the shower straight onto the buring metal and screamed as loud as she could. " Victoria , WE ARE OVER , YOU CHEATED ON ME, I TRUSTED YOU , YOU NEVER LOVED ME , YOU ONLY USED ME FOR PUBLICITY. YOU ARE A LIAR"   , I screamed at her.

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