Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


2. Hannah and the appointment


       Hannah's Pov

   Aria walked down the corridor and sat beside me. " Hey Hannah , do you mind waiting out here while I'm in there?". " Yeah , if you need me I'm here" she flashed as smile as she hugged me with the slippery hand grip of the my leather jacket.

 Aria's Pov

When she let go , Miss Angel called my name.  When the door was closed in her office , " Aria , whats going on" . Well I told her what happened my body and then went quiet about Ezra. " Well it seems like I'm going  to have to a couple of tests on you"  , she went quiet for a short minute and replied " Come on , lets do the first test"  Ohh great blood tests popped into my head.


  After the blood test , it was the second test. It was as ultrasound, pulling up my loose tank top just enough to cover.  She poured a bit of blue jell into the machine and placing it on the bottom of my stomach to reveal a small moving bubble. She clicked the top of the machine to make a photo screen. She didn't tell me and didn't say a word about it.

The final test  was a mouth test and placed the example  in a clear container.

She dimissed me saying " I will call you about your result"  I said " Goodbye Miss Angel and thank you".




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