Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


12. Celbration time

No  One's Pov

It was now present time after a bit of of something to eat and drink.

Emily held a large silver box present while Spencer had a green metalic  box present. Knowing Spencer , she might have brought her parenting books or something like that. Last of all , Hannah brought 2 pink boxes full of something.

Emily's pov

Passing her the heavy present , I smiled as I smoothed the silk dress on to the couch a bit. Aria ripped open the paper to find a mixed pack of equipment , there was baby bottles , milk powder , some lullabies for getting the baby to sleep. " Thank you Emily , Its what I needed " smiling happily as she put the box on the ground beside her. I smiled back to her. Im so happy that she liked it. She has helped me so my turn to return the favour.

Spencer's Pov

I passed her the kind of heavy present , I think she knows what I might have brought her but I will suprise her. Aria pressed her hands to the present and ripped of the tape as well as the paper that remained. She found a few parenting  books as well as a bottle warmer machine. " Thank you Spencer , I had been looking for a machine like that for a while now." Smiling happily once again , she placed the box beside the other box. Well what do you expect , I had to put something to do with information. Its who I am.

Hannah's Pov

I passed her one of the boxes , well I had to do something fun. Pulling off the purple ribbon , flipping open the top to find lots of different colour baby clothes and bibs. " Thanks for the clothes I love the clothes" picking up a blue butterfly dress.Passing her the next box , lots of clunks and others sounds came from inside the box. The 2nd box was the largest box out of all the gifts. She pulled off the the top lid of the box to find a lot of baby toys. " The toys are so cute , Thanks Hannah"  she smiled as she did the same thing again with those 2 boxes. Well thats me for you.

Aria's Pov

" Thank you all so much for the gifts" as we all walked into the kitchen. Hannah , Spencer and Emily sounding so bubbly and joyfully " Its alright Aria , Its all for for you". Its almost as if they were trying to sing it.


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