Aria's secret child

After having a emotional breakup with Ezra , she finds out that she is pregnant. Ezra is in new york with a new chick while she is single with an unborn child. Will Ezra ever come back in her life??


9. Aria's Date

Jay's POV

I waited for Aria at the town hall with a room filled with multi colored lights and decorations. I stood there restlessy waiting for the limo I had organized for her and my suit stiffened up  against the skin of my legs.  I spent some time greeting the other workers and their partners just as Aria walked in the door wearing a beautiful long blue dress with blue heals.Her hair looks so beautiful in a long braid and lighted up her light skin on the neck.

I walked up to her and greeted her with a small tender kiss on her cheek.Linking arms with her , made me feel like a lucky man. " Aria , there's someone I want you to meet" walking over to a tanned , tall and popular girl in the town. " Aria , meet my fiance Delila Mells" I stood next to my fiance who had her chocolate purfume in her red short salsa dress.

Aria's POV

"He's engaged!!! I thought he liked me" came into my mind. I shook her hand lightly and Jay said " he would leave us to get to know each other" with a smile. " Well , if it isnt the one who stole Ezra from me" Delila says so nasty like she did in high school when I started to date Ezra. " Ezra choose me not you so if you mind hang around with your fiance and quit trying to get with Ezra"  I snapped with a bit of force. " You may be pregnant , little bitch and liar who was friends with Ali but you cant stop me"  Delila whispered bitchy in my ear as she smiled at Jay. She put her rude finger up in my face as i wanted to bite so damn hard that her finger had bleed. I glared at her evilly when she pulled away from me. I wanted to fight her but the only reason I didnt so that Jay didnt know we completly hated one other. I said " Such a slut" under my breath as I sat on the nearby leather couch in pain from a contraction from my little girl Tatayla. Tatayla is the name I had chosen for her.

While waiting for a soda that Jay had ordered for me , I was joined by a nice looking guy and he started a friendly conversation with me. " Hi Aria" he says with a smile " How on earth do you know my name?" I asked trying to sound like I wasn't in pain. " I was talking to Jay and seeing as i'm alone tonight , I came to sit here with you if you dont mind"  he says nicely. " Sure you may but only if you tell me your name and dont try to get me to date you"  I smiled as i said. " Oh right yeh , how rude of me , Its Harry and are you pregnant?" He says in a friendy but distant tone. " Yeh Harry  I am but I'm going to be a single mum" I sighed at the end while looking down at my drink that just had been ordered.  " Why are you going to be a single mum , is it because you and him broke up leaving you with an unborn kid?"


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