You Need Me,I don't Need You

Faith:complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
that's what Faith Means,right?? Wrong Faith is a teenage girl who has a troubled life,she Meets a Boy named Harry and he thinks he can 'Fix Her'.Zayn is Faith's Boyfriend that suddenly appears after being gone for more than a year.Will all of the drugs and trying to escape finally catch up with her??
What Lengths will she go to,to finally be able to leave home with her mum safely will Harry or Zayn End up on top?
you'll have to find out by reading 'You need Me,I Don't need you'


6. Chapter 5

Faiths pov:
I sat up and looked around,the the bright sun stinging my eyes.I realized that I was in Harry's bed room.I swung my feet over the edge of the bed "ouch" I jump a little "I'm so sorry Harry,I swear I didn't see you there" he stood up from the floor "it's okay" he was wearing sweats and had no shirt on."you have tattoos too?" he looked at his arms and down at his stomach "well I suppose I do" I giggled "you don't really have a brother do you?" he sighed "" "so you do work out" he grinned "yep" "why do you let people bully you?" his smile dropped "I-I don't know...I just don't like hitting people" "if they hurt you in any hurt them just as bad" he frowned "that's not right" "Harry,yes it is if they are hurting you,it might not work but it's worth a try" he looked at me "do you get bullied too?" my eyes started to water"you could call it that" 
Harry's pov:
"what do you mean?" I sit on the edge of the bed."I can't tell you" I grab her hand "you can tell me,I promise" she started weeping,I Hugged her and started to rub her back
"I get abused" I stopped and looked at her "I'm so,so sorry Faith,no one should have to go through that,that's awful" she nodded her head "I know,that's why I ran away" I hugged her once more "I'll protect you" she looked at me and smiled "thank you" 
Faiths pov:
I threw my hoodie on and combed my hair out 
"hey Harry I'm gonna go down to the store,I really need a coffee or something" he turned away from the tv "okay see you in a little bit then" I stepped outside,it was chilly but nice.
I walked down to the store entering it
"good morning" the older woman behind the counter greeted 
I smile "morning".
 I walk around the store trying to find what I wanted.I decided I should get Harry something as well.
I gathered all my items and place them in front of the old woman "that would be £12,even" I fidgeted in my pockets pulling out my money "you're £2 short"the woman said I cursed under my breathe "here" I turned around to look at who was talking "Z-Zayn?" I was in utter shock,I couldn't believe it was him "hey Faith" he smiles and hands the woman the money I stood there speechless 
     "did you miss me?"

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