You Need Me,I don't Need You

Faith:complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
that's what Faith Means,right?? Wrong Faith is a teenage girl who has a troubled life,she Meets a Boy named Harry and he thinks he can 'Fix Her'.Zayn is Faith's Boyfriend that suddenly appears after being gone for more than a year.Will all of the drugs and trying to escape finally catch up with her??
What Lengths will she go to,to finally be able to leave home with her mum safely will Harry or Zayn End up on top?
you'll have to find out by reading 'You need Me,I Don't need you'


5. Chapter 4

Harry's pov: 
 Faith stood up and ran upstairs "Faith! I didn't mean it that way" I ran up the stairs following her she went into the bathroom and locked it "can you open the door please? I waited for an answer,nothing "Faith?" still no answer,I went into my room and sat on the bed.
  Faith's pov:
 when I got into the bathroom I checked my phone for any miss calls or texts there were 10 calls from my mom and 18 from Lea and 5 texts
Lea: hey
Lea:plz answer I'm worried 
Lea: Faith your mums really worried 
Lea:Faith just text me so I know you're Alive 
I decided to reply so she doesn't worry about me anymore 
Me: I'm fine lea 
she replied instantly after I sent it 
Lea: where r u?
Me: somewhere safe
Lea: and that somewhere is??? don't tell me ur at our dealers house 
Me:Tony?? no never 
 "come on Faith" I looked at lea confused "where are we going?" she smiled "we're going to my dealer" I rolled my eyes "oh" she grinned "he'll like you".
  we pulled into a dark alley and there was a nice black car parked there.Lea and I stepped out of the car "Tony!!" lea called to the car,a tall man with black hair and a Carmel Brown eyes stepped out of the car,he was actually good looking. "Hey lea" he walked to her and kissed her cheek "you buying today?" he questioned her"um no I wanted you to meet my friend she's new to this" I awkwardly stood there and this Tony guy looked at me for a minute "what do you do?" I looked at Lea then at him "w-what do you mean?" he rolled his eyes "drugs?what do you do?" "oh umm I only smoke marijuana" "light weight" he whispered but I could hear it "so are you gonna buy any today?" I look at him "how much?" "£20 for an eighth" "sure why not" Tony goes to the trunk of his car and pulls out a small bag,I walk over to him and hand him his money "nice doing business with you" I nod and walk towards Lea "bye Lea see you soon" she waves as he drives off  "what do you think of him?" "he seems nice and he's alright looking" she laughs "I'll have to introduce you to his little brother then" I smile "little brother?" "don't worry faith he's the same age as you"
*end of flashback* 
I stood from the ground and decided to finally leave the bathroom.I walked down the hallway and past a partially open door.

Harry's pov:    
 I seen Faith walk past the door I quickly stand up and follow her "Faith.." she turned to look at me "yes?" "I'm sorry about earlier I swear I didn't mean it " she continues staring at me "sure" "I really didn't mean it,I know how you feel honestly"

Faith's Pov:
  I just stood there staring into his eyes..through those thick glasses were beautiful green eyes,he kept talking and I heard bits of pieces of what he was saying.I felt a tear run over the rim of my eye when he was done talking.I leaned in never breaking eye contact with him our lips lightly touched before he pulled me into him moving his lips against mine.He was a great kisser shockingly. "Faith,I can help you" I looked at him one last time and suddenly believed him.

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