You Need Me,I don't Need You

Faith:complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
that's what Faith Means,right?? Wrong Faith is a teenage girl who has a troubled life,she Meets a Boy named Harry and he thinks he can 'Fix Her'.Zayn is Faith's Boyfriend that suddenly appears after being gone for more than a year.Will all of the drugs and trying to escape finally catch up with her??
What Lengths will she go to,to finally be able to leave home with her mum safely will Harry or Zayn End up on top?
you'll have to find out by reading 'You need Me,I Don't need you'


2. Chapter 1

Faith's pov: 
"faith can I see you a moment?" I sighed walking towards my English teacher "yes Mrs.Bartley?" 
"have you been ok lately? your eyes are always blood shot and you look tired also you're failing most of your classes" I put on a fake smile "I'm fine Mrs.Bartley" she nodded "please get your grades up,last year you were passing each and every one of your classes" "I'll try. But I'm not promising anything" and I walked towards the door on The verge of being late to my next class.As I was walking down the hallway a tall boy bumped into me dropping my papers and books everywhere"I- I'm so sorry" the boy said I just shook my head and picked up my belongings as I stood up he handed me my last book "I can help you" I smirked, what the hell is he talking about? I just looked at him "with what?" his cheeks turned pink "everything,your grades and your bad hab-" "it's not a bad habit,but thanks" and I stormed off. The kid was right it was a bad habit that I couldn't help,the feeling made me feel alive like nothing could ever stop me but how the hell did he know I had a bad habit I've never even seen the kid before.Smoking and drinking were my getaway from the world I know it's not good for me,but I did it anyways.
         Harry's pov:
 I bumped into that faith girl she was very pretty and she seemed smart.If she thought she was fooling any one trying to hide that habit of hers she failed terribly maybe no one else could smell the marijuana in her clothes but I could...I wanted to help her to get to know her.

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