Licence to kill

Sweet as sugar
hard as ice
hurt me once
I'll kill you twice


3. Sparks fly

I walked down the street as the cool December air hit me. It was early in the morning 7.30 but I fancied a starbucks coffee, nothing can beat their coffees. I walked in and walked up to the counter "Toffee nut mocha to go thanks" I smiled sweetly at the cashier. "Name?" She asked politely "Vanessa" I told her. I sat down in a corner booth and someone joined me. I looked to see who it was out the corner of my eye. "Harry." I sigh "I told you, you can't be around me.".

Harry just laughed "Ah, you never told me that" I rolled my eyes "Don't make me kill you"

"Ha, Dumb move."


"If you kill me, all my fans will hate you, you would be the most hated female in the world"

"Puh-lease" I scoffed "I already am".

"Vanessa" called the cashier "I'm off. Later" I walked off before he could say anything. I payed the cashier and took my mocha. I slid on my sunglasses and walked home.


"I've got the tickets, we'll be leaving in a few days" Taylor says. "Alright" I push down my sunglasses to the end of my nose. "Who's left?" I ask

"Uhm, Well Frankie's out of our way. We have Pablo and and Zoey." She says. "Fantastic" I get out the car and head into the local subway. I get my usual sub and sit in a booth. "Fancy seeing you again" A familiar voice says. I groan

"Harry, I thought i tol-"

"Who could stay a way from a girl like you?"

"A girl like me? What?"

I roll my eyes and take a bite of my sandwich. "Just leave me alone.." I get up and walk off, abandoning my half eaten subway.


I walk home only to see my landlord waiting outside my house. "Whats wrong?" I bite my lip and walk up to him.

"Ah, Miss Ramsey. You have failed to pay your rent for the last 3 months. I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you out."

This is bad news. Very bad news. "What? You can't do that!" I struggle to get the words out.

"I'm sorry Miss Ramsey, I have no choice."

I storm into the little house and pack my suitcase as fast as I could. I could call taylor and see if I could stay with her. She's my best friend, she's got to say yes.

I whipped my phone out but before I could even dial her number, my phone rang. I answered it. "Vanessa" A husky voice said on the other end "I have good news and bad news." It was my co-worker, Kolton.

This can't be good, "Good news first" I was in need of some good news right now. "Zoey is dead"

"Great!" I let out a sigh of relief, "What's the bad news..?" This could either be helpful, or horrible. I was dreading to hear what he had to say. "The leader is in London and he called Taylor, goodbye." He said flatly and hang up. My best friend is dead? Shit just got real.


I walk down the empty streets, it was midnight and there was hardly anyone around. I lie my suitcase down and sit on it. A few minutes of me just sitting there, lost in thoughts, a sleek black Audi pulled up in front of me. "Need a ride?" A voice called from the front seat. For once I was actually happy to see him. "Harry!" I smiled and got up. I put my suitcase in the back seat and got in next to Harry. "Thanks so much. I'm sorry I've been such a bitch" I sighed and played with my fingers. He just smiled "It's fine, don't worry about it. Where do you want me to take you?"

I sighed sadly. "I don't know, I got kicked out of my house and I got told that my best friend is now dead." I looked ad him and saw his eyes widen "Oh my god! I'm so sorry. You can stay at mine if you want?"

I smiled slightly "Only if you want to put up with me" I joked. He chuckled "Of course."

He pulls up to an apartment building, I've been here before. For that launch party. "You're in One Direction aren't you?" I asked. Harry nodded "Yeah.. I am"


I sit on the couch watching tv, "Do you want anything?" Harry asks from the kitchen. I shake my head "No thanks, I'm good.". I flick through the channels until i find the show i like. "Ugh I hate this show" Harry says while sitting down next to me. "What's wrong with it?" I laugh and lay my head on his shoulder. He shakes his head "It's just a typical show, boy meets girl. They fall in love, blah blah blah."

I laugh, "Well I love this show" I emphasise the I. I smile and look up to him, it was all going so fast because the next thing I know my lips were pressed to his and we were kissing. I actually liked it, I felt sparks flying everywhere. My hormones are going crazy right now because I, Vanessa Ramsey a dangerous killer, could not have feelings for Harry Styles, member of a British boyband. This can't be happening. But it is.

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