Licence to kill

Sweet as sugar
hard as ice
hurt me once
I'll kill you twice


1. Prologue

"Come with me" I grab his wrist and pull him to the bathroom and push him in. I lock the door and roughly shove him against the wall. "Wow, eager are we?" He smirks. I roll my eyes "Shut up" I smash my lips hard onto his and straight away i felt something. What the hell was that? No way was i feeling sparks. His tongue rolled along my bottom lip, asking for entrance so i obeyed. Our tongues fought but he won, damn he was tough. I pulled back and rubbed his abs through his shirt softly. He kissed my neck roughly. I pulled away and grabbed my bag. "Where are you going, did I do something wrong?" he looked at me, hurt. "No, I'm just going home" I smirked and walked towards the door, my stilettos clicking along the tiled floor. "Will I see you again?" He asked, "No." I said still not stopping
"Don't bother looking for me"
When I reached the door I turned my head to face him "Because Mr. Styles" I started "I have a licence to kill." 

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