Licence to kill

Sweet as sugar
hard as ice
hurt me once
I'll kill you twice


2. Dressed to kill

"Flipping hell..." I mumbled as I dragged the body up the stairs. "Looks like you needed to loose a couple of pounds" I take out a bobby pin and fumble with the lock on the door to the roof. It swung open and i dragged the body onto the roof. Suddenly my phone starting ringing. "Ugh" I took out my phone an answered it "VANESSA WHERE ARE YOU" a familiar voice called out on the other end "Taylor. I'm fine I'm just taking care of something" I rolled my eyes, Taylor was my best friend. Ever since, well forever. When we were young, we were dumb and stupid, we got involved with a gang and now were in a whole lot of shit with some dangerous gangsters. Don't ask me how or what but were not exactly on the polices good side either. I wouldn't mess with us either though. "Thank god" She sighed "Is he dead?" 
I looked down at the body i knocked out "Not yet. I was just going to do that now" I walked over to the edge of the balcony and looked down, I was 13 stories up in an abandoned hotel. "Well you better kill him quick because he could wake up any minute. I gave you the wrong pills Vanessa." She said with a serious tone "Honey, there's no way he is going to wake up. He's out cold" I turn around "shit." I hang up my phone and stuff it into my pocket. When I find him I will kill him. Literally. 


I look in the mirror at myself. My bright red hair was tied up into a pony tail and curled. I was wearing a tight, short black dress and black 6 inch heels. I had winged eyeliner, mascara and bright red lipstick. I was dressed to kill. Taylor pulled up in the driveway and i stepped out of the house and locked the door "Hey babe." Taylor called from the car "Hey" I got in the car "So where exactly are we going?" She handed me the invitation. It was an invitation to a launch party of some band called One Directions new album 'Midnight memories'. I've never heard of one direction... "Are you sure he'll be there Taylor?" I bit my lip. We can't afford to loose him. Not right now. "I'm positive, he'll be here I just know it. If he's not here then I don't know where he'll be" She pulls up to this massive apartment building. I look up to see where the music coming from "Must be in the penthouse" I say as we walk into the building. 


"So we meet again" A voice says from behind me. Where have I heard that voice before? I spun around and almost dropped my champagne. "Harry." I growled through gritted teeth. "I thought i told you not to come looking for me" 
"I didn't come looking for you" He said flatly, "I found you.". 
Great, this is the last thing i needed. "Harry, I really can't talk right now." I said looking behind him, spotting the guy i was after. "And why not?" He said getting closer. Man, he's trying to seduce me. Is it weird that it's working? I decided to lie to him, I didn't want him to know I was falling for him. Wait. Was I really falling for Harry? Harry Styles? No way. I shook the thought off. "Whatever you're trying to do Harry, It's not working. Now excuse me I'm here for one thing and one thing only." I shoved him aside and stood in the corner of the room, looking like a regular guest and taking a sip of my drink every now and then. The guy that I was keeping a close eye on wasn't doing much, I was starting to get curious. He kept looking around suspiciously, as if he was looking for someone. "Excuse me" I heard him say to the lady he was talking to as he walked off into another room. I followed him there and left my drink on some table. He walked into an empty room and I followed. "Vanessa." He said without turning around I reached for the gun I kept hidden in my bra and took it out. "Frankie" I said bluntly and locked the door. "What brings you here Vanessa?"  I walk around slowly to him "None of your business" I snap. "Feisty one" He smirks I could just kill him right then and there. But why not have some fun with it? I put the gun in my bra and walk over to him, seductively. "I'm sick of this conflict. Can we just, be friends?" I pouted my lips and put my hands on his chest. He bit his lip and I could feel him harden against my leg. "I-I. No" He says and pulls out his gun. "Well what about after this babe?" I push him down on the bed. I trace my fingers along the the hem of my dress that ends just below my ass. "Can I have your gun, just so i know you won't shoot me while I'm giving you a little... Show?" He hands me the gun and i stash it in the bedside drawer. I grab the bottom of my dress and pull it up over my head, I was soon left in my bra and thong. My gun was still in my bra, I had a plan. I smirked at him while he stared at me while I unclipped my bra. I quickly take my gun and walk up to him "Where is he?" I growled at  him. "I-I don't know w-what your talking about.." He stuttered. 
"Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about" 
"I'm not going to tell you" 
I laughed "Well then. We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way."
"Fine" he started "He's in Paris" I pulled the trigger and instantly, he was dead. I didn't need him anymore. My work here was done. 


"Did you find him?" Taylor asked me as I got in the car "Mhm.." I smirked, proud of myself. "Phillips in Paris"
"Looks like we're going to Paris then" Taylor smirked "Good job" 
I smiled 1 down. 3 to go. This wont be too hard. 

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