Save Me (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Bullying. A lot of people have been through it. Including 17 year-old Chelsea Andrews. In fact, she goes through it everyday of her life. She's constantly called names, shoved into lockers, punched in the stomach, and so many more things that make her life a living Hell. All these things drive her to depression. She always self-harms, no matter how much her best- and only- friend Alexa tells her not to. The bullying finally gets to Chelsea and she's ready to just leave everything behind. Until she meets him. Liam Payne, the most popular guy in school. Liam sees some guys messing with Chelsea and he stands up for her. They start to hang out and eventually become good friends, getting closer with each passing second. But what happens when they start to catch feelings for each other? They face pain they never thought they would have to go through. Will Liam be able to save Chelsea from everyone around her, or more importantly, from herself?


8. Chapter Eight


   "Hey, where are you?" I spoke to Liam through my phone. I got a bit worried when he didn't walk to school with me in the morning.

"Hey. Sorry I didn't call you," he responded. "I've got a bit of a cold. My mum made me stay home today." I leaned up against my locker, feeling bad for Liam.

"Aw, I'm sorry, Li,' I spoke. "I hope you get better fast." He coughed quietly on the other end of the phone before responding with a small "Yeah, me too." We stayed on the phone for another minute before I had to hang up and get to class.


My first three classes went by agonizingly slow, as always. "At least I haven't seen Zayn today,'" I thought out loud. But I guess I spoke way too soon. Before I knew it, Zayn, Ashton, and Michael were walking down the hall, talking to each other about whatever assholes like them talk about. "Shit." I started to walk the other way, trying to get to the cafeteria before they could see me.

I was almost out of sight when I heard Ashton shout "Hey, Andrews!" I froze in my spot for a few seconds before I started to run. I could hear their feet pounding against the tile floor as they chased me through the hall. I was almost at the cafeteria door when I felt a hand wrapped tightly around my wrist. I felt myself being harshly dragged from the door until Zayn slammed me against a locker in the empty hallway.

"Hey, Chelsea," he whispered cruelly. "We haven't talked in a while. Where's Liam?"

"H-he's, um," I didn't want to tell him Liam wasn't here. I knew he would take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on the beatings Liam's kept me safe from.

"He wouldn't leave you by yourself, would he?" Zayn spoke in a mocking tone, throwing a menacing chuckle at the end of his question. I choked out a terrified "N-no."

"Then where is he?" He knew Liam wasn't with me. He just wanted to have fun with my fear. I stood in silence for a few seconds before he finally kneed my in the stomach. I winced in pain, knowing that that was only the beginning of his sick fun. "I don't like being lied to, Andrews. You could have made this a lot easier just by saying he wasn't here."

"W-what are you talking about?" I choked out. "We both know you still would've beat me up." Ashton and Michael started to walk closer towards us but froze in their place when Zayn held out his arm, signaling them to stop. Zayn let out a low, evil laugh before changing his expression to a cruel smirk, almost like what you'd see in a horror film.

"We've got so much catching up to do, Chelsea," he spoke as he punched my stomach with full force. "And so little time."


The bell was about to ring to return to class. Zayn, Ashton, and Michael had been beating the shit out of me for the last almost half hour. They would usually just go for my stomach and legs, but this time, I was in pain everywhere. My arms, my legs, my chest, my face. You name it, it was hurting.

The three of them left a minute before the bell rang, not wanting to be seen near me. As they left, Zayn turned back to face me, smiling with pride. "You should tell Liam to leave you alone more often," he chuckled. "This was fun." And with that, my three tormentors were gone.

I laid there for a few seconds before I looked down at the tile in front of my face. I was greeted by the sight of a small pool of blood gathering by my nose. "Oh god," I managed to silently choke out. I forced myself off the ground, using all my strength trying to ignore the tremendous pain. When I was able to stand up right, I limped to the closest bathroom, hoping no one could see me. I dragged myself in and shut and locked the door. I didn't want anyone else in here and if they really needed a bathroom, there was one on the other side of the lockers.

I made my way to the large mirror to greet my horrible reflection. I saw blood. Blood was all over my face from my nose and my lip. I had a bruise on my cheek that was quickly turning purple. I covered my mouth and tried to hold back the tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I lifted my shirt, not prepared for the terrible image. My stomach was spotted with bruises in every area. I even noticed a few small cuts, placed there by Michael's boots.

I couldn't control myself and let the tears flow down my face, smearing the blood even more. I ran into the closest stall, locked it, and sat down. I reached into my backpack, tears pouring down my face harder than ever. My hands roamed inside the bag until I felt my fingers glide across the zipper of a hidden pocket. I unzipped it and pulled out the only item inside. I was quickly greeted by the sight of my blade.

I choked out more and more sobs as I pulled up my sleeves, exposing my skin. Soon, I felt the cool, sharp metal marking lines in my skin. "I just want this day to be over," I thought. "I just want it all to be over."

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