Maybe i do

I never thought I'd see him ever again, the love of my life that left me for her.


2. Ok then ?

Tyler had sparkling blue eyes, blonde short hair, kindof tall, and he always smelled good ! Me and Tyler had a past, a very long one actually. It all started 2 summers ago when we met at a coffee shop in L.A , he charmed me with his words and we ended up dating a few days after we met at te coffee shop. We had been dating the whole summer and I was finally gonna get over the fact that my older brother had just died. Tyler helped me through everything, unlit the day 2 years after me and Tyler met came and my mom was offered a job in New York, and she took it. I was happy for her and all but I didn't want to leave the love of my life.

Tyler promised to keep in touch as long as he had his phone, laptop, etc. and skype me or call or text. We were doing fine for the first couple of weeks until I got a message, that was supposed to be a skype call, 3 hours later than I would of planned it to be. I read the text thinking it would be about work, or just a sorry for being late and I'll call you later, but I was wronge. "Hey Alissa" it read, it was weird he never called me my full name. "I'm sorry but, I can't keep pretending. I can't keep pretending this is going to work, I love you more than life, but I don't want to be hurting because I can't wrap you up in my arms and kiss you until your mine forever. I don't want you to hate me , but I've found a new person. She keeps my mind off of you. If you reply, please don't. Don't call, don't text don't do anything about it because if I even hear your voice I'll be out there I new york by the morning. I'm sorry, I love you Alissa Marie. Goodbye". And that was that. I haven't talked to him since now.

.…….….……back to preasant…….............……….……………

"Would you like to get some coffee later, maybe?" He said almost shaking. "Well I mean, we have a past and you kind of ripped my heart out". " listen Alissa, I never found anybody new, I was in counciling because of how stressed I was from not seeing you, I had knots up and down my back, cuts and bruses on my hands and feet, I didn't know what to do without you there, I went crazy. You drove me crazy , but in a good way! I was hoping id meet you again and finally tell you that Loved you. Could we maybe start over?" "Um, ok then ?"

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