Maybe i do

I never thought I'd see him ever again, the love of my life that left me for her.


1. Him

I met him at a fair once, I remember those eyes, his face. It all feels familiar. He bumped into me and knocked all my books out of my hands, I'd never seen him here before, other than at the fair. It was 4th period when I got a text from Alex , the star quarterback everybody knows and loves. Honestly I don't see what's so great about him, yes he has those big brown eyes, perfectly brushed golden hair, and a perfect smile, but if you take that all away he's just an ass.

Me and Alex had been dating for almost 6 months when I caught him cheating with my " best friend ". He was so sweet and loving to my face but when I turned around he was just waiting for the whole thing to kill me. It hurt and it really did but just as soon as that happened, Alex found himself a present. I had taken him down. Now he's just the laughing stock of the school.

Some girls, unlike me still want to get him, but he just won't leave me alone. The text read "liss, babe ! I'm so sorry I didn't mean to I was forced to do it. I swear it was a prank to see what your reaction would be ! Please make it better for me "

I just ignored it and tried to remember the strangers face, Tyler! That was his name. The guy from the fair, from L.A, but why would he be in my piece of crap school? Maybe he was visiting family? Maybe to see me! No no no... He wasn't here for me. "Alissa?" His voice seemed shakey and nervous, why was he nervous to see me? " that's my name" I said while looking up at him once more, he was gorgeous!

(Sorry if my story's bad, if you like it let me know and I'll keep it going ! But if not I'll take it down ! This is my first movella so here ya go )

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