One Direction adopted me!?

Mikayla is just a normal girl or so he thought she actually has many problems that she hides but he finds out she is a orphan so he gets excited when management tells him and the lads they have to adopt a child..... But will it be too much for the guys to handle or not..... Will he come out and tell her he likes her..... But most importantly how will mikayla react when she gets adopted by One Direction


10. chapter!!!!!

So yea I'm just going to continue with this story since nobody will tell me

Mikayla's pov

I hope they don't hate me now I mean I panicked and ran like Always gosh I'm so stupid

I always mess everything up I mean they were just trying to be nice but I was rude and ran

They probably never want to see me again I need to go apologize

That's what I'm going to do find them and apologize

With that I got up and ran down towards the park and found them

They were talking so I didn't want to be even more rude so I waited then I realized they were talking about me and how I don't go to school so they know I'm stupid now that's just great

I'm just going to walk up to them and-

"Hey mikayla" Louis

*que wave*

"Hey can I ask you something" Liam

I nodded

"Do you go to school" Liam

I shook my head

"Oh" Liam

I noticed I still had Nialls phone in my hand so I just got to the point and typed I'm sorry

"For what" niall

"Running off I know you guys were just trying to be nice so I'm sorry" mikayla

"There's no reason to be sorry love" niall

*que blush*

"Awww look who's blushing" niall

*que even more blushing*

Now the lads are just laughing at me which made me chuckle a little

Just a little

"So you want to go do something fun"

Sure I typed then realized I still had Nialls phone so I handed it to him


Then we went to an amusement park and we had a lot of fun with all of us joking around, harry to scared to go on the roller coasters, and Zayn refusing to go on any water rides

And I realized something that made me happy but at the same time deathly scared

Keep going

Almost there

Sorry I lied

Well now I'm just bored



Am I getting on your nerves

Ok imma stop now

.... I am really starting to trust these five boys


Sorry it's short

But how was it

I still need to know if I need to stop writing this one it keep writing it

Well anyway







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