Moving on

Addy is 16 years old years old. Her parents where divorced and her mom just died. She's on her way to live with her dad, who lives in Moore Haven, Florida. She knew Austin since he was 16 and they used to go out but she hasn't seen him for two years. Addy's real name is Julia Crankshaw. Addy has a secret that she hides until someone finally sets her free. She gets followed and it may be to late.


2. Reunited


  Addies POV

   My Aunt Lisa was walking me through the airport to see my dad. I was happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy because I haven't seen my dad in two years and i'm sad because i'm leaving all my friends. As we got closer to my gate I seen my dad. I ran two him and hugged him, I didn't know it but I started crying. I hugged and said by to my Aunt Lisa. 

  We got on the plane. When we got in our seat I plugged my headphone up to my phone. When your gone by Avril Lavene started playing. By the time the song was over I had tears pouring down my face. I fell asleep after that. 

   "Honey wake up," I heard my dad say. My eyes snapped open. We landed. I could already fell the hot humid air. We hopped off the plane and went to get our bags. As we got closer to pick up the baggage. I seen someone holding a sign with my dads name on it. It was a lady. After we got our bags my dad walked up and kissed her. "Julia, Honey this is..." "First of all don't call me Julia! MY name has been changed to Addy. Since the two years you've been gone dad, i've been a victim of rape! And now your trading her for mom. How could you! I hate you!" 

  I ran out to the car and put my stuff in the back and got in. I laid down in the backseat and cried. When my dad got to the car, He and his fiance got in and didn't say anything else. The rest of the way home I slept. When we got to the house I went to my old room. It still looked the way it was before, my boyfriend that I haven't seen in two years his posters are in my room. I went to the bathroom and changed into  I decided to into the pool (If you cant see it I changed into a Bikini and some shorts and a crop top over it) . "I thing your towel is in the shed." my dad yelled. "OK." I responded. I walked out to the shed and Austin was standing there. I ran into his arms and he lifted me up. I smashed my lips into his and he gladly kissed back. 

  I hid my face in his chest. 

Addy: "I've missed you so much."

Austin: "I've missed you to."

Addy: "So where does this leave us."

Austin: "Well I was hopping you'd still be mine."

Addy: *Smiling* "Yes, I am."

Austin: "So am I and Alex invited?"

Addy:" Of course."

  Austin took off his shirt. I stared. "You like what you see." "Of course I do. And I'm happy its mine." We both laughed. Alex ran out I hugged him. We got in the pool. Austin was walking around with me in his arms. Alex was trying to tan. Me and Austin walked up and tipped him over. My dad walked out. 

Dad: "So I see you found your surprise."

Addy:" Dad you did this?"

Dad: "Well with a little help from Michele."

Addy: "Michele's here?!"

  She comes out from around the corner. I get out and hug her. I started putting my cloths back on. 

Austin: "Where are you going?"

Addy: "Austin theres something I need to tell you."

He got out and put his shirt on. We started walking down the road.

Addy: "You know the year you moved here."

Austin: "Yeah."

Addy: "Well the day after I was kidnapped. And raped." * A tear rolled down my face*

Austin: "Addy i'm so sorry for leaving you. I promise I will never leave you again." * He pulled out a promise ring*

Addy: "Thank you so much. And if you don't mind can you call me Addy."

Austin: "Sure."

  We walked back and I asked Austin if he would tell Alex. Alex came out after a little while and hugged me. I hugged back. Alex is one of my best friends he like my brother. We all walked inside. "Hey dad, can Alex and Austin stay in here tonight?" "Sure. On one condition." "ok?" "Austin use protection." My face turned bright red. I hid it in his chest. I could tell he was blushing to. I walked up stair to take a shower. After the shower I changed into (If you cant read it pink pajama bottoms and a black shirt.) We ordered chinese because it was so late. I had chicken fried rice. Austin and I where sharing a big bowel. Alex had Mongolian Beef. We ended up watching a movie after. We watched 'Love endlessly' I fell asleep on his chest half way through the movie. I felt Austin walk me up to my room. He started walking away.

Addy: "Wait."

Austin: "What?"

Addy: "Stay."

  I could sense him smiling. He climbed under the covers. I got closer to him. 

Austin: "I love you."

Addy: "I love you too."  


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