My Bully

"Please stop daddy!" Tears were rushing down my face and soon I felt a slam against my face, I was on the floor. I felt a kick to my head and then I felt nothing. Your going to live with the Styles for a while. I'd rather hang around at home and get beaten by my father than live with my bully, Harry Styles.


15. Trust Me

*Harry's  POV*
After the doctor spoke to me i went down to the cafeteria to get breakfast. Once i paid for my breakfast i went back to Angela's room. I opened the door and Angela turned her head towards me and smiled warmly at me. 
Harry:"Angela! Your awake! im so happy!"
i walked over to her a pecked her on the cheek 
Angela:" Hi Harry."
she didnt seem to be happy at all.
Harry:"Angela i need you to tell me exactly what happened to you when i was gone."
 A tear ran down her face.
Angela:" I cant Harry. I wish i could but i cant"
Tears were pouring even harder now, and honestly it was tearing my heart up to see her crying.
Harry:" Angela you need to tell me. I cant have you in danger, you'll be safe once you tell me. But you have to trust me Ang."
Angela:" I woke up to banging on the door and i assumed it was you but it wasnt. It was my father. he did this to me."
Harry:" Im so sorry Angela. Its my fault i shouldnt have left you there alone. Im so so sorry."
Angela:" It wasnt your fault Harry."
i didnt respond to her i just sat down and closed my eyes. Guilt was drowning me. I felt horrible. 
I opened my eyes and Angela was asleep. I chuckled at how she was able to fall asleep so quickly. I went into the hallway and called the police and told them what happened so that we would be allowed into our house by tomorrow. Once i took care of that I decided to go to sleep, and when i woke up we could go home.

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